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You all know that Colourette Colourtint is my favorite cheek tint because of its lasting power, pigmentation, and the fact that it's perfect for use on top of my makeup, my favorite method of cheek tint application. I have here a couple of best- selling Colourtints to swatch for your today!

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These are some of the latest releases of Colourette, with the newest namely Ondrei, Eeevee, and Naomi. As you can see, these are VERY pigmented and they set into a soft powdery finish.

Here are the swatches:


Baby pink shade. A bit too pink for my skin tone. I think this will work better on lighter skin tones.


Deep red. A favorite of mine! This deep red shade is like crushed rose petals, plus it looks great on warm skin. It adds a sophisticated red-pink glow to the skin and looks amazing on the lips!


Sunny orange-peach. One of my favorite shades because it's so trendy and looks good on warm skin as well; gives that trendy peach makeup look!


Parrot pink shade. A statement pink that will give light to medium skin tones a pretty pop of color on the cheeks.


A pastel pink shade. Just like Cali, I think this will look better on fairer skin tones.


Hazelnut brown. Quite striking in the tube, but Ondrei is a fab contouring shade that looks very natural and the nutty hue accentuates a tan!


Deep rose shade. Looks good on any skin type and is a great casual cheek tint.

My favorites from this list are Coco, Naomi, and Dione!

What are your favorite Colourette Colourtints?


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Omg ganda ng Coco shade sayo Ms, Martha!! I think eto yung masasabi kong maganda kasi I’m a fan of shades na magmumuka kang bagong swimming sa pool. Yung mamula mula talaga. But since deep red sya and knowing colourette, super pigmented sya, parang nakakatakot gamitin kasi you have to be very careful!! Gusto ko sya bilhin tsaka yung Dione!! All the shades look good on you, though!! <3

  2. I love the Ondre shade on you Miss Martha!

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  3. Ako ang gusto ko itry yung Dione and Eevee.. yung Dione kasi pwedeng magmalling or kapag lalabas ka lang and type mong may lip and cheek tint parin hehe. Yung eevee naman pwedeng pang office! πŸ’

  4. Dione looks so good. I want to buy my own too.

  5. Prettiness overload! Love all the colors! All are wearable at ang gaan sa mata. <3 Would love to try Naomi, Ondrei and Coco! :)

  6. WOW! So the hype is real for these products! I haven't tried them but seeing the swatches, I'm inlove!

  7. Ang ganda lahat...they are all worth buying. My faves are Coco, Dione, Eevee and Naomi.

  8. You really look good in Naomi, Coco, and Dione. Gonna try Eevee and Dione!!

  9. I watched your live, the one na ginamit mo yung Dione. It looks so perfect on you, real talk! Colourette is one of my fave brands. I've been following them for a while now. If someone wants a shade that they'll truly love, they can never be wrong with Colourette.

  10. Haven't tried them but I'm digging Naomi!

  11. Gusto ko ung Dione and Naomi. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  12. Dione looks great on you! Been eyeing this product ever since. Coco is also perfect for date night. I also love how Cali looked on you. For me, it looks good on you, even though it's light

  13. I have thalia and coco 😊😊😊
    At favorite ko silang dalawa 😊
    Ganda ni ondrei ska dione 😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Lovw the dione shade. Orangy look for summer :)

  15. I love all the shades ng colourette cheektint na to Ms martha..halos lahat bagay sayo ms martha..ganda nya sa balat mo..😍😍😍😊thanks for sharing this review to us..

  16. Dione is gorgeous... I habe thalia and I can perfectly fake sunburn with it.


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