Maybelline Tattoo Ink Brow Pen: For natural, long- lasting brows!

Maybelline Tattoo Ink Brow Pen review.

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I love using liquid eyebrow pens, especially on very busy days and workout days; basically days that I have no chance to retouch, except when the day is over.

I have no particular brand that I prefer when it comes to liquid eyebrow pens as long as they work and they last. I've lately discovered a new one from Maybelline called Tattoo Ink Brow Pen. It has a convenient felt tip applicator that creates natural strokes plus it lasts the whole day!

Maybelline Tattoo Ink Brow Pen features a concentrated dye that creates a tattoo- like finish and effect that claims to last for up to 24 hours; it comes in three shades.

This is the felt tip applicator: it's a fork- shaped applicator that mimics the natural look of hair strokes; it's a little flexible that bends for a little (but doesn't feel like it's breaking) when you press it on harder to create a more concentrated color transfer on your brows.

L-R: Red Brown, Natural Brown, Gray Brown

Pigmentation is light to medium; color doesn't get too deep and the color seamlessly transfers from the tube to the applicator. The liquid is very runny and spreads instantly when I swatched these, but I find that this doesn't become a problem when I use it on my brows.

Bare brow

With Gray Brown

The product is very easy to use and easy to spread; I actually realized that the runny consistency actually helps because it gets into every patch, creating a more uniform look. The product doesn't set instantly, which is efficient for everybody.

Regarding lasting power, it lasts the whole day! I wear it to Crossfit and it doesn't budge at all! The only downside is it's quite hard to remove because of its tattoo effect, but I'm fine with it as long as it lasts the whole day! I also wish that there are more shades available to choose from.

This is also a good corrector product in case you want to fill in patches invisibly and naturally.

If you are looking for a liquid eyebrow pen that's affordable and lasts, this is a great pick!


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2 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gusto ko talaga yung mga brow liner ng Maybelline,kasi gusto ko yung mga natural looking lang.Gaya nyang Maybelline Tattoo Ink Brow Pen na madali lang iapply para sa mga kagaya kong 5mins lang ang makeup time kasi may mga kids ako.Ang ganda po sa inyo tingnan natural na natural lang.Kaya lang meron akong isang ginamit na nakakaiyak kasi ang bilis nyang maputol sakin.yung Pro Brow in Natural brown.Sa price nyang 199 naiiyak nako kasi I'm a mom of two kids syempre need ko yung budget friendly din tapos madali pa syang maputol.Yung pinakaEND nya nanghihinayang ako kung pwede lang simutin eh.Hehe.Yung smudger nalang nya tuloy yung nagagamit ko.Pero pagdating din lang sa brows MAYBELLINE talaga ko.

  2. Looking good, Ms. Martha! Napansin ko pati yung concealer. Pak! SML!


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