Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara: VavaVolume!

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.

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If you're a fan of Heroine Make Volume and Curl mascara, well I've got news for you: if you can't find Heroine locally anywhere, then reach for Maybelline Total Temptation, a new mascara that gives you vava-volumized lashes with awesome length and staying power. Did I mention that these mascaras smell good too?

Total Temptation is a new mascara that's part of a namesake collection; the collection exudes a soft, sensual vibe that's all about the modern neutral look and big, fluffy lashes. The collection features an eyeshadow/highlighter palette, brow pencil, and the mascaras.

The mascara has two variants: Peach, the washable variant, and Mint, the waterproof variant. Mint has a light coffee scent while Peach is slightly vanillic; both smell good, actually! Just when you think you can't do anything else with mascara, then here comes' Total Temptation's yummy- smelling mascaras. Don't worry, the scent does not irritate the eyes in any way because it's just faint.

The wand is a fluffy, dense wand with compact bristles; it's very ideal for delivering volume to the lashes, but my only issue with it is it's a wee bit huge for coating the lashes on the outer corner of my lids. 

The mascara formula is a soft, whipped cream that sets easily and quickly.

Let's try out the waterproof variant:

Bare lashes. Ah, gone were the days when my lashes were DENSE. Must be age. LOL.

One coat

Two coats

Total Temptation promises full, soft volume; by this time, I can see that promise already. I like that it fattens up the lashes plus delivers a heavy black tint, which deepens the eyes effectively. The product sets easily though so be sure to even out the coverage as you apply to prevent a clumpy look.

Third coat

Okay, I just had to go for the third coat. By this time, lashes look much thicker; if you want heavy definition, go for a third, but if you want to retain the softness, stop by the second coat. Two coats are enough anyway!

In some respects, this mascara is comparable to the fabled Heroine Make Volume and Curl mascara (which I have too and will review soon) such as the tint, volume, and staying power. As for the staying power, this one stays the whole day and slides off easily with an eye makeup remover.

I really like this mascara; I like the volume I get from it, the staying power, and the scent of the washable variant. Good job on this, Maybelline!


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  1. Read bad reviews about this in Makeupalley ata. Basta kasama kasi to sa 11/11 sale. Pero good thing gusto mo pala. Might try this one!

  2. Does the non-waterproof one (pink one) last all day? Does it smudge? I'm scared of trying non-waterproof variants because they smudge huhuhu Pero ang hirap naman tanggalin ng waterproof variants nila. Help. :( Which one should I get? I want one that's easy to remove but does not smudge.

  3. I order mascara in shoppe. Ewan pero ayaw ko ng amoy niya.


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