Rimmel Long Lasting Finish 8 Hr Primer: My most favorite drugstore primer!

Rimmel Long Lasting Finish 8-Hr. Primer review.

PRICE: Around 13 AUD
FROM: W, Melbourne, Australia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available locally through reputable online sellers; authorized online retailers

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer review and photos

All right. Here's my most favorite drugstore face primer.

A lot have been asking me about my favorite affordable face primer; I have not blogged about it yet because I've been thinking "What's the point anyway? It's not available here!" But with the growing e-commerce trend in the Philippines, my favorite primer may just be one click away!

Ladies (and gents), here is my most favorite primer; I've gone through two tubes of this already since discovering it in 2016: RIMMEL LONG LASTING FINISH 8 HR. PRIMER. Still, this is the best affordable primer for me because it's moisturizing and it helps makeup look fresh longer!

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer ingredients
Rimmel Long- Lasting Finish 8 Hr. Primer promises to visibly blur imperfections, minimize the appearance of pores, and enhance the wear of foundation for up to 8 hours.

I know Rimmel, but saw it in the flesh when I visited Cairns, Australia in 2016. I picked up this primer and it was love at first use, although I thought that its texture looked a bit odd in the beginning.

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer review and swatch
Here is the primer. It's a white cream that yields a very light white cast with a strobe- like effect; I like using this under full coverage foundation because of the light sheen it gives. It has a slightly glue- like look to it, although it's not sticky; it's fairly moisturizing that I sometimes don't use moisturizer anymore whenever I am using this product. It is odorless as well.

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer review and photos
Bare skin

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer review and photos
One layer of Rimmel Long Lasting Finish 8 Hr Primer
Here's the primer on my skin; I usually apply small dots on the main points of my face because I find that it's usually enough to give me the coverage and effect I need; so economical! As you can see, there's a hint of sheen on the sides of my nose; this is the light strobing effect I mentioned and this is why Rimmel recommends that this primer can be used on its own too...but only if you have great skin in my opinion!

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer before and after
With makeup on
Key things I love the primer: It improves the finish and look of foundation, thanks to its moisturizing effect. It also improves the wear time of foundation and extends the freshness of its look.

Rimmel long lasting finish 8 hr primer before and after
After 6 hours of wear
Here's a shot I pulled out from one of the product reviews that I will do; I forgot to take an after shot of Rimmel LOL.

The thing is, this primer doesn't control oil by a huge lot compared to a Makeup For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer or Kat Von D Lock It or Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer; what it does best is it makes makeup look fresh longer; it does control oil, but after 2 or 3 hours, oil will begin to show and I'd have to blot, but I don't mind because I can have fresh- looking makeup for hours. I've come to realize that no primer can stop your face from showing oil period.

How do I differentiate this better? These are some of the common types of primers: oil- controlling primers and makeup enhancing primers; the former can control oil significantly, but can't retain the vibrant, fresh look of makeup and the erosion of coverage because it has little to no moisturizing properties to begin with--because moisture is one of the keys to lasting freshness (as well as less oil). The latter is what Rimmel Long Lasting Finish 8 hr primer is; it's a makeup enhancing primer; it can't necessarily control oil at an impressive level, but its moisturizing, makeup- retaining properties make makeup look fresh and more intact longer, which is something that most face bases products don't innately have; in a way the primer is enhancing the makeup's properties.

I digress. The primer is very comfortable to wear; it also feels just like moisturizer. Take note that I did not retouch my makeup at all the whole day before taking this photo! As you can see, the foundation still looks fresh, decent, and not dull!

So what's my favorite drugstore face primer? THIS! I just hope that Rimmel will come to the Philippines soon! Rimmel Long Lasting Finish 8 Hr Primer is a comfortable, moisturizing primer that helps extend the freshness of makeup, has good oil control, and perfect for any skin type, most especially dry skin.

What's your favorite drugstore face primer?


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  1. D po ako nag pprimer miss martha., aano brand po na pwede sa oily skin!?

  2. Loreal infalliable has a setting powder and primer and the combination of two is my HG.

  3. oooh!! primer! dyan din ako umaasa tlga eh, pg maganda primer, khit mumurahin na foundation mo mapapaganda nya. SUper check pg long lasting yan and syempre d lumalagkit!

  4. This looks so good! I can really see the great finish it gives you! Blooming!

  5. I dont use primer,sana po magkaroon po kayo ng mga budget friendly primers na madaling mahanap lang.I'm using moisturizer lang po kasi😊😊😊.


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