NEW BRAND ALERT: Ready Set Glow Badass Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner review + swatches

Ready Set Glow Badass Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner review, price, demo

PRICE: Gel Eyeliner- P599; Liquid Eyeliner (P249)
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It's quite unusual for a Filipino makeup brand to go for eyeliners as the first product of choice when conceptualizing a makeup brand more so colorful eyeliners; because marketing insight tells us that Filipinos are not that into eyeliner more so colored eyeliners. Lately, however, there is a shift in consumer desires and more and more people are experimenting with eye makeup, which is primarily an effect of  the face mask requirement.

There are brands that are brazen enough to take on the challenge like Ready Set Glow; just like the name of their products, Badass Liquid Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner, this brand breaks the mold and wants to be just as playful, daring, and experimental with their products starting with this 14- piece colored eyeliner collection! 

All the swatches below!

Ready Set Glow is a new Filipino makeup brand that believes makeup is a means to challenge oneself to discover their different styles and personalities through daring colors, textures, and high quality products that are pigmented, long- lasting, and always in trend. Their products include lipsticks in matte and creamy finishes, gel and liquid eyeliners, and eye shimmer.

My most favorite products from the brand are indeed the eyeliners.

Badass Gel Eyeliner (P599) is an 8-pc. colored eyeliner collection; surprisingly, there's no black in here. I am guessing the reason is because every other brand already has a black eyeliner and they want to be different; they perhaps conceptualized this collection as a partner to any black eyeliner, but personally, I think there should be black because even in colored eyeliner looks, black is still generally used as a base by a lot of people including myself.

The gel eyeliners are made in Korea; I heard a lot of brands would manufacture colored eyeliners in Korea because the good manufacturers for this product are out in there. The packaging and presentation of the product are chic and looks high quality; worth P599 and I like the color code at the bottom of each pencil.

Here are the swatches of the gel eyeliner:

Top to bottom:

Jet Setter- teal blue green
Green Gem- lime green
Wild Tiger- midtone orange
Frilly Tutu- pink red
Blue Lightning- cobalt blue
Walkin' on Sunshine- bright yellow

Leftmost: Winter Snow- white
Rightmost: Unicorn Magic- light violet

The gel eyeliners are very smooth and pigmented; feels like Marc Jacob's gel liners, but more affordable. The liners glide on smoothly and impart an even color coverage, which makes it perfect for drawing. Finish is matte and it's waterproof; I love using this on my waterline because it lasts longer than most eyeliners I've tried. 

Yesterday's realization: I just realized that Winter Snow is the chalkiest among all the shades (but it's not that bad; it's workable); I'm guessing it's because the white pigment is chalky and somewhat affecting the smoothness of the product.

Badass Liquid Eyeliner (P249) is an affordable collection of colored eyeliners, but in liquid form. There are 6 shades available.

The product looks classy and not at all cheap. I also like that the applicator is a pointy brush, not felt; brush is my favorite liquid eyeliner applicator because it doesn't lose its shape so much!

Here are the swatches:


Yas!- dark brown
OMG!- electric blue
Slay!- aqua green
Savage!- black
Extra!- eggplant purple
Lit!- yellow

I like the idea of colored liquid liners! When drawing, I prefer using liquid eyeliner because nothing beats the smoothness, plus it lets me draw more precise, thinner lines versus gel eyeliner. Also, there's a black shade in here so that's great! One caveat is the yellow shade doesn't appear too vibrant when applied on the lids; I hope they can make this a bit brighter.

The liquid eyeliners are long- lasting; if you have very oily lids, prime first before usage. Pigmentation is heavy and it doesn't bleed around the lids.

If you are following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been wearing a lot of colored eyeliners lately and it's Ready Set Glow! Check out my looks using this product!

Fox eye using Jet Setter

Floating Crease with Liquid eyeliners in Extra, Lit! and Slay!

Winter Snow only

What's your favorite look?

Overall, Ready Set Glow Badass Gel Eyeliners and liquid eyeliners are really good products, plus I love the fact that it's Filipino and their full blast colored eyeliner collection has indeed inspired me to be more creative with my makeup looks!

Have you tried these products already? What would you like to try?


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