Tony Moly Live Snail BB Cream Review

Here's an initial review on Tony Moly Live Snail BB Cream with SPF 45

PRICE: P900.00+
PLACE BOUGHT: Tony Moly, SM Megamall
OTHER LOCATIONS: Tony Moly branches nationwide


Okay, here's my first ever review on a BB Cream. Before I reveal my thoughts on this, lemme tell you why Snail goo is one of the hottest BB Cream ingredients right now.

A group of Korean scientists have discovered that the slime from a snail's track has potent skin regenerating ingredients that help restore skin's firmness, elasticity, and vibrance. The substance used in Tony Moly's Intensive Repair Live Snail Line is derived from the snails residing in the clean province of Chungnam Geumsan.

Tony Moly's Live Snail BB Cream is a highly concentrated blemish balm cream that contains 45% snail slime extracts. It also has SPF 45 and various botanical extracts to help skin heal faster.

I've been reading a lot about BB creams, and found out that it's supposed to be worn underneath makeup because it should act like a makeup base. But some BB Creams I've tried are too thick and goopy, and they can pass off as foundation. This one is no different than those BB Creams.

At least it yields a semi- matte finish if blended evenly. Thank God for its yellow undertone. It doesn't look grayish- white on my skin, which is my problem with most BB creams.

Here is the BB cream on my face. It left a white cast due to the high dose of SPF in it. I wanted to wear foundation on top of it to neutralize the shade, but the BB cream already feels too thick on its own.

So I just wore a shade matching pressed powder on top of it to tame down the white cast.

The thing I like about this is its oil- controlling ability, in spite of its goopy and creamy texture. I only have to retouch my powder once (if it's cold) or twice (if it's humid) during wear.

It has a relaxing citrus-y scent. I don't know how Snail Slime is supposed to work, but at least I didn't get zits from it during my usage. And the high dose of SPF is a great plus too. I apply it using my fingers because I take time whenever I'm using a regular foundation brush to apply it. I also found out that it can cover minor discolorations like redness and light acne marks. If you prefer using pressed powders over foundation, I suggest that you use BB cream underneath because it heals your skin during wear and protects it from the sun's harmful rays at the same time.

I now see the point why BB creams would usually come in only 1 or 2 shade/s. Because they're supposed to be worn underneath foundation. But I wish the consistency were thinner, and the undertone were yellow so it won't look gray on most Asian girls.

Will I repurchase? Probably not. Because the shade is still too light for me, and I still prefer foundation because it yields more (and better) coverage than BB creams. I know, I'm so picky when it comes to face bases! Because an even- toned canvass is very important to me. But if you're a gal/guy who's somewhere between nc30-nc35, this BB Cream would suit your skin tone best. So far, it's the BB Cream with the most tolerable shade in my opinion. I still have a couple of BB creams to review, so please watch out for them and find out which BB Cream brand will become The Beauty Junkee's favorite!

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  1. ohh woww. i like! how much does this cost?

  2. jakie: hello! :D I think it's around 900. but I'll update you guys regarding the price. it's not in the pr kit. :/


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