Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream: Be Wrinkle- free in a jiffy- LITERALLY

I have a question: Of all the anti- wrinkle products you’ve used, which of them have actually worked?

Here’s my answer, and I’m speaking from the vantage point of my mother. She’s been trying to slow down the process of aging with the help of anti- aging products, especially anti- wrinkle creams. And according to her, none of these have worked on her.
Inefficacy is the main reason why women give up on using products, especially anti-aging creams. All that religious usage, not to mention a thousand bucks wasted only to find out that your lines were not erased, let alone tamed, at the very least. Totally not worth it! I shall give credit to anti- aging creams that somehow work, but unfortunately, it will take you years to see their promise on your skin!

Let’s face it: Aging is going to show up on our skin anytime soon because environmental aggressors have become stronger, and they accelerate skin aging twice as fast nowadays. What we need is a product that dramatically remedies in an instant and produces lifetime results in the shortest time possible to help establish great skin.

There’s no better time to start slowing down time on our skin than now, and Olay has the perfect product for you. Fresh from the brand is OLAY REGENERIST WRINKLE RELAXING CREAM, an anti- aging cream that reduces your fine lines instantly in as fast as an elevator ride (that’s around 10 minutes), and completely in 14 days.

Olay sent me a sample, and I’m a witness to its ‘wrinkle erasing’ effect. Before I reveal its wrinkle- busting prowess, let’s look at the product specifics first:


It comes in an aluminum bottle with a dainty red cap and a pump that lets you control product usage. I forgot to include it in the pic, but the hole comes with a small plastic rod seal to ensure product freshness.

The product is a soft cream with a slight silicone texture, which is the reason why it can reduce fine lines instantly. It’s in an oil- free and lightweight formulation, meaning it won’t aggravate oily skin or block your pores. It blends and feels like a dream, and is absorbed quickly into the skin. It has a hydrating feel to it, making it a great moisturizer for the summer season.

How to use: Apply liberally on your facial skin and let it set for 10 minutes for the cream to take effect, then resume with your preparation.

I don’t have prominent wrinkles on my face yet, but I have micro wrinkles on my forehead and under eyes. I’ve mentioned above that Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream can reduce lines in as fast as an elevator ride and indeed, it does! Check out the before and after pics below:


Wrinkle is still there because the skin on my under eyes tend to fold up a bit. But notice that it has been tamed, at the very least. I’m not so sure if it can be used on the under eyes, but I just used the product on this part because my under eye wrinkle is the closest thing to having wrinkles for me. :P


I have micro wrinkles on my forehead because I used to squint a lot when I was younger. Now I wish I haven’t! I’ve encircled them for you to spot my micro wrinkles easily.

Micro wrinkles, gone! Amazing! The surface has become smoother!


I decided to use the product on my palm because it’s the most wrinkled part of my body. Actually, I test all wrinkle fillers on my palm to know if they are effective or not. See the result:

Notice that my skin has looked plumper and tighter. Fret not when I say that it makes your skin look plump, as it will only make your skin look fuller and younger, not rounder or swollen. My palm felt very smooth too!

Overall, it’s nice and effective. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream will make you feel good about yourself in an instant and in the long run for it helps diminish wrinkles if used religiously. Not only that, it also makes your skin surface smoother. FYI, if you have smoother skin surface, foundation glides on easily and its true color is more likely to show up. I like using this as a makeup primer because of its oil- free and non- comedogenic formulation, and silicon-gel texture.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream is at P1,499.00 for a 50g bottle. Can you challenge what’s possible? With Olay, you certainly can! Visit Olay Philippines on Facebook and find out more about this promising product.

This post is brought to you by The Beauty Junkee and Olay

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. meron ba silang product for removing eyebags in just a snap??..i am really frustrated because of it..parang magiging maleta na sila sooner.. :(

  2. I can really see the difference :) I have under eye wrinkles too :(

  3. Very interesting product. It seems to be made mostly of silicons and fillers rather than ingredients good for skin. Peptides is last on the list, but it looks like a great primer! I have those forehead fine lines too >_<

  4. @Anna Ho, I noticed that too.

    But niacinamide is a pretty good anti-aging ingredient aside from peptides. The result is not instant though.

    What scares me a little about this product though, is the instant effect. It might be one of those anti-wrinkle products reported to create micro-tears in the skin cells so they plump up and the fine lines are gone temporarily. Over time bad 'daw' ang effect.

    Olay has pretty good and well-paid cosmetic chemists naman, so there's some comfort there.

  5. good thing Olay came up with this one! i need this kind of product as i step onto to my 30's.

  6. wow, this product is interesting!

  7. I must say that what works best for me is Ponds Gold Radiance. I tried using Olay but I'm just not "hiyang".

  8. im using olay total effects...and the effect on me...pimple breakout! 5 days ko palang ginagamit. im giving the product one more week to negate the awful effect.

  9. im using olay total effects...and the effect on me...pimple breakout! 5 days ko palang ginagamit. im giving the product one more week to negate the awful effect.

  10. before and afterMay 8, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    When you take before and after shots, make sure they are of the same angle (shooting up versus down - forehead pix) and the same position (palm shot)


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