The Most Important Makeup Brushes+How To Spot A Good Makeup Brush

I'd like to believe that I have already reached brush nirvana, as I find myself already detached from the want and need to acquire all of the new and fancy looking brushes in the market. I am now at peace with the fact that the only brushes that matter are the classic ones. Truly, functionality trumps fanciness--always.

And so I'd like to share this bliss with you. I will show you the most important brushes you'll ever need. Click READ MORE and find out.

Good makeup brushes are integral in the creation of a flawless- looking makeup, just as how important good painting brushes are to the creation of a painter's masterpiece. There are a lot of makeup brushes in the market and the question we should always ask ourselves is "What do I really need?" in order to save ourselves from buying brushes that we don't know how to use and don't really need.

In my opinion, here are the brushes that every beginner and advanced makeup aficionado should have. It may be a different case for makeup artists, as they're much experienced with the craft. Besides, they might need a lot due to the nature of their work. But if you belong to one of the two groups I've mentioned above, here's what you should get:

Small powder brush, Big powder brush

It can do anything from setting foundation, applying bronzer, and dusting off excess powder. The big one is for the face, while the small one is for the corners of your face and your makeup bag.

Cheek and Contouring brush

A lot of people would say that a contouring brush is enough for your contouring and blushing needs but I beg to differ. You DON'T contour your cheek. Contouring brushes are angled, and are best used on the planes of your face, whereas rounded and tapered cheek brushes are crafted to help you apply blush on your apples without the harsh lines. Besides, why would you use your contouring brush on your blush after using it on your contouring powder? Don't you know that it will affect the color of your blush?! FYI, your cheek brush can also double as a powder brush.

Spoolie and Angled Brow Brush

Perfect brows require the perfect tools. An angled brow brush helps you define your beauty arches. Finish your look by combing those stray hair strands into place with the spoolie.

Concealer Brush

You may opt to skip this one since you can use your fingers to apply concealer. But if you find using your fingers unhygienic, then this is essential for you. I recommend it if you're using mousse, liquid, and soft cream concealer.

Eyeshadow shader brush

A lot of pre-historic makeup brush kits contain a bevy of this eye brush. I have realized that they are the most less useful (I don't wanna say useless) eye brushes ever invented. Why? It's too stiff to be used for blending. It's only best used when applying a sheer wash of color (Where blending is unnecessary) and transferring some color onto your lids. You can do with just one, but in a medium- sized cut so you can use it on your inner lids.

Blender Brushes

Ah, my most favorite eye brushes. In my opinion, they are the best and the only eye brushes you will ever need. It can do a lot of things from creating creases and color gradation, transferring color, smudging colors, and even setting your concealer. I have five of these in different sizes. If you're going to invest in eye brushes, invest in these.

So how do you know if a brush/brush set is good? Here are some points to consider when buying a brush/brush set:

- This is the common notion, that soft brushes are the way to go. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not true most of the time. Because ultra soft brushes are flimsy, and you end up wasting a lot of product. When buying brushes, make sure the bristles are gentle enough to be used on your skin, and sturdy enough to apply makeup.

- The first brush set I've ever owned had 5 of those eye shader brushes in different sizes. I ended up using only one of the five. Scrutinize the brush set before purchasing, and check if it contains what you really need. Don't go by volume.

- Make sure that your brushes are not too long and not too short. If it's too long, you lose control over it. If it's too short, you'll have a hard time blending your makeup evenly.

- Is the handle too fat or thin for your grip? Does the handle feel slippery? Does the handle feel sturdy?

- Because if they're not, the pigments end up falling at the base of the brush. Sparse brushes don't grab a good amount of makeup too.

- There are a lot of new makeup brushes in the market that promise you this and that, but honestly, they're just revamped versions of various classic brushes--and they're pricier. In the end, they will only do what classic brushes can do.

- This goes without saying that you should invest your money in a brand that makes good brushes. Read expert reviews and ask for advice.

And there you have it. May the divine guardian of the brush world be with you in your quest for perfect makeup brushes.

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  1. Nice. thanks for the tips Ms. Martha. What local brand would you suggest that is affordable but quality brushes???

  2. Sis how about sa eyeliner brush, mas ok ba yung angled or parang manipis na parang putol na Y. Di ko kasi alam tawag dun. hehehe. Nahihirapan pa din kasi ako mag eyeliner gamit yung brushes. lagi makapal sa inner eye.

  3. Thanks for these tips Martha! Really helpful :)

  4. I love this post, Martha!! :) Informative! :>


  5. Hi Ms. Martha..Thanks for the tips. Would you suggest some local brand brushes that is worth buying. I don't have any brush yet but I am planning to buy..:)

  6. I agree with the eyeshadow blender brushes. they are easier to work with. but how about eyeliner brushes? i think these are essential too.

  7. Andy Cuevas and lechique: glad you liked it! Charm brushes, of course. :)

    Annoymous: hi there and thanks for visiting. Regarding eyeliner brushes, I've noticed that most people use liquid and pencil eyeliner. Cake eyeliners are not common to Pinays, and most gel liners come with their own makeup brushes, that's why I don't think it's too necessary. :) If you're using gel liners, then that's the time to invest in a good eyeliner brush. Hope that answers your query. :)

    Gemnikka: thanks dear! :D

    Kath: that's the bent eyeliner brush. :) It's easier to work with than traditional eyeliner brushes. :)

  8. thanks for this post ms martha! :)
    i just came across your blog and this one really helped me. :) thanks!


  9. Tips from a PROFESSIONAL! The best! Dami ko natutunan!

  10. I'm a makeup newbie and really confused with all the different makeup brushes and how to tell the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

    Thanks for the tips.

    It's good to know that you like Charm brushes, too. I have their flat top brush. Now, I "need" to buy their other brushes LOL...

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