HOW TO: Make Your Eyeliner last with the Eyeliner-Eyeshadow Sealing Technique

Hi guys! If you've been dealing with eyeliner smears and stains for as long as you can remember, then you're reading the right article! Sometimes, eye primers and waterproof eyeliners are not sufficient, especially if you have extremely oily lids like mine. What you need is a special technique to help you deal with this common makeup problem.

I've developed this special technique way back in college out of frustration on having raccoon eyes after each crying scene. It's tried and tested, and I've been doing this technique when I was still performing in the theatre up until today.

I've called it the EYELINER-EYESHADOW SEALING TECHNIQUE. It's pretty easy, and it makes use of everything you have available. No need to shell out money for this technique!

Let's start!


1. Matte black eyeshadow
2. Translucent loose setting powder
3. Waterproof Gel/Creme Eyeliner
4. Long- wearing Eye Primer
5. Water (in a small pot or atomizer)
Optional: Makeup setting spray
6. Powder Brush
7. Eyeliner Brush
8. Eyeliner Sealant (Optional)

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STEP 1: Start with a clean canvas and clean fingertips. Apply eye primer liberally onto your lids. Let it settle for a minute before setting with loose powder.

STEP 2: Dab loose powder onto the eye primer to seal it. Don't drag the brush on your lids because if you do, you'll just wipe off the eye primer!

STEP 3: Apply gel liner onto your lids. Why did I choose gel/creme liner? I've proven through years of personal research (Naks!) that the consistency of gel liners adhere better to powder products. When both products have settled completely, they create a harder texture.

STEP 4: Dip your eyeliner brush in a pot of clean water, then tap to remove excess water from the bristles. If you have an atomizer, fill it up with water and lightly mist the brush. You can also use a makeup setting spray to mist the brush for mega staying power.

STEP 5: Dab the brush onto the matte black eyeshadow.

STEP 6: Line the previous line you've created with the wet black eyeshadow, ensuring that everything is covered. Let the first layer dry up before applying another one.

Voila! Your eyeliner is not a party pooper anymore!

TIP FOR LADIES WITH HOODED AND LIDS AND CHINKY EYES: Make a thinner line to prevent your eyeliner from smearing on your eye folds.

LAST TIP: If this technique still doesn't work on your oily lids, do all the steps and end your application with an eyeliner sealant. If it still doesn't work on you, I don't know what will! :p

There you have it! I have more tricks up my sleeve, so keep on visiting my blog! :D

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow. it looks sooo easy to do! will try this soon ( i dont have a primer and i dont have a gel eyeliner and a brush pa eh.)

    by the way, any brands you can recommend for a long lasting eye primer? yung cheap lang, cause i dont put on make up a lot eh. thank you

  2. awesome! great info for a party girl like me!

  3. So cool!! I will do this someday!! :)

  4. Thanks for this although my eyeliner stays intact on my lids. My problem is the waterline. =( I hope you can also share tips on how to make the eyeliner stay there for hours. =)

  5. great post! and yes, waterproof gel liners are sometimes not enough. i will try this! :) THANKS!

    anyways, whats the eye primer you are using here? :)


  6. thanks for sharing! I need this trick. Will look for a brown eye shadow no. I'm using brown eyeliner kc :)

  7. Hi girls! Glad you like it! Let me know how it goes for you. :)

  8. michelle: I'm using laura mercer's eye canvas. :)

  9. Eunice: Hi there! For waterlines, I think you really can't make eyeliners last on that area since by nature, waterlines are moist. Eyeliners adhere better to dry surfaces. You can try blotting your waterlines with tissue before applying eyeliner on it. I've used Urban Decay's 24/7 waterproof eyeliner pencils and they're pretty decent. They last for a good 5 hours, but they don't really last all day. There are also eyeliners intended for the waterline. You can check those out. Hope that helps. :)

  10. Hi Martha, you know what? ive tried doing this. I have put my UD primer potion first, followed all the steps except that the matte black E/s, wherein i didnt moist the brush. I always end up with a racoon eyes and it transfers to my folds. I dunno if i am doing it the wrong way or i have OILy lids tlg! :) but will try this out later

  11. Keeza: Welcome to my blog! :D Try making a thinner line to prevent the eyeliner from smearing onto your eye folds. I have the same problem too. If all else fails, do all the steps and end your application with an eyeliner sealant. :)

  12. I'll try this one. Keeping the maybelline gel liner on my lids is difficult especially if it is humid.

  13. hazel: go hazel! lemme know how it goes :)

  14. Smudging eyeliner has always been my problem. Thankyou for this post! really helpful :)

  15. Will try doing this on MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder! Thanks for this useful tips!:)

  16. hello ms.martha im glad i accidentally found these site of yours and so thankful i found these very interesting article of yours and i will definitely try these tutorial :) ., by the way hope someday you'll make a tutorial on how to keep the eyeliner on the lower lids of the eye because every time i put eyeliner it fades at the end tip because of my watery eye :(

  17. Great post, and great tip too to make the eyeliner makeup last. Just want to ask for the best eye primer you can suggest for oily lids. Thanks!


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