Better than ever: All- New Clarins Double Serum with Hydric Lipidic System

When's the turning point of your skin? Age 25. It is when 25 years of accumulated damage begin to show up on your skin: micro wrinkles start forming especially on the inner corners of your face, collagen production significantly drops, skin resilience diminishes, skin becomes less transparent and dull, and the dreaded age spots start forming on your skin's surface.

Pretty scary, right?

But it's always never too late to start taking care of your skin. When you hit 25, it's the best time for you to start using anti-ageing serums, creams, lotions, what have you. No reason to be petrified after all because there are a bevy of proven anti-ageing products that can help your skin regain its former glory.

Checkpoint: Most women in their mid-20's would often ask which particular anti-ageing product is the best one for their skin's age. Most of them are afraid of using anti-ageing products because it might be too harsh and strong for their skin, thus doing them more harm than good.

With this concern in mind, I'm proud to introduce Clarins' newest breakthrough product called DOUBLE SERUM (HYDRIC-LIPIDIC SYSTEM). Consider this as a tailor- made skin tune- up for women from age 25 and beyond. I'm also happy to report that it has undergone a successful test on 400 subjects, and 50 of them are Asian women. Suffice to say, it suits our delicate Asian skin.

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The original Double Serum was launched in 1985, and has undergone major improvements over the years. It is also a huge favorite by many skin savvy women around the world. The French brand claims that the new age serum is currently their most sophisticated Double Serum product yet. It is the pinnacle of 27 years of research and development.

As one of the best plant- based brands in the beauty industry, Clarins prides on the new age Double Serum's 20 powerful plant extracts that make it as one of the best plant- based anti-ageing serums in the world. In 4 weeks, the serum will do the following:

1. Improve skin's elasticity
2. Nourish skin externally and internally
3. Improve Cell Oxygenation
4. Stimulate the activity of 2 genes involved in skin protection
5. Regenerate skin

The Hydric-Lipidic System mimics skin's natural water and fat balance, thus making our skin more responsive to the powerful ingredients within the serum.

Clarins has also pioneered this advanced "bottles within a bottle" type of packaging. The purpose of this is to separate the water- based (Hydric) serum from the oil- based (Lipidic) serum. This keeps both serums fresh, and ensures that both products will only come into contact with each other upon usage. This helps both serums retain their optimum efficacy. As you can see, there are two tubes within the bottle and it connects to a single pump. This ensures that the user gets a balanced product ratio in every usage.

It's twice as nice and twice as powerful. The new Double Serum (Hydric-Lipidic System) will help keep your skin at its peak condition as it ages. It will also help delay the signs of skin aging.

One year to go and my skin will already reach its turning point. Before I know it, I'm already 25 so I guess I'll start using it now to prevent a drastic decrease in my youth cells! Thank you Clarins Philippines for this amazing find!

I encourage everyone to start paying close attention to your skin when you hit your late -teens to 20's. You'll surely benefit from it in the future. :)

**Double Serum (Hydric-Lipidic System) retails at P4,550.00. It is exclusively available in all Rustan's malls nationwide.

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  1. Oohh.. Taking care of our skin really attention..

    *i was kinda shocked at the price

  2. Have you tried L'oreal Youth Code Pre Essence Serum? Which is better between the two? Both promises almost the same results but L'oreal retails about 1300 Php. I would like to know if Clarins worth the hefty price tag. Thank you in advance Martha :)

  3. oooh. this looks promising.. but do you recommend using serum even if your 19-ish?! and if ever i or we cant afford this one yet, do you recommend other skin serums?!


  4. I am now 25, I would love to try this product sana but it's too expensive. Do you think a bottle of this would last for more than a month? Thanks! .^_^.

  5. I became more curious of my skin particularly aging now that I'm near in the age you'd mention.. Hhmm expensive lang...

    Thanks for the post! :)

  6. Wow I think I will love this since I love anti-aging products. hmm 25? I'm already using some anti-aging products, is it bad? :s

    The price is quite shocking O.O but yeah, skin is a good investment for us. Have you tried olay total effects Ms. M?

  7. This post scared me. Can I just be 22 forever? Haha!

  8. I love Clarins. My husband gave me a skin care set from Clarins nung preggy ako. Effective naman :)

  9. Woah.. It sounds very effective. I will be turning 25 in a few months now and I guess I have to invest in a good serum as well.


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