Window shopping at VMV Hypoallergenics, plus the newest members of the VMV Family!

Do you like window shopping? I do! And you know what? I have this funny and weird thing I do whenever I go window shopping: I go around the stores I like, choose something that I really, really want to buy, and say "Bought". It's a way for me to commit to my subconscious mind that in another time and space, that product and I will meet again, and it will be mine.

Crazy as it may sound, materialism (and philanthropy) helps me push myself to the limits, and makes me work even harder! LOL! C'mon, we all have to try to attain something in order to move up to a higher level, right?

Anyway, my imaginary debit card would always hit rockbottom whenever I go window shopping. But thank goodness, I can replenish it whenever I want to. Don't you sometimes think that it would be awesome if we could do that in real life? LOL.

I digress. A few weeks back, I was strolling at Powerplant mall and on a sudden whim, I went window shopping.

One of the stores I visited was VMV Hypoallergenics. I just like how clean and minimalistic this store is (plus their other branches as well): No unnecessary designs and most especially, no loud, crazy music that disrupts your focus and peace of mind. Speaking of loud music, I don't get it when some stores play loud, trashy music. Do these stores honestly think that it's the best way to attract shoppers? Hey, stores, here's a reality check: Shopping is a therapeutic activity, and your loud in-store music won't calm any stressed shopper. Instead of making them stay, it will just drive them away. #JustSharing

I talk too much. :p Just click READ MORE and check out their store, plus their newest products!

So here's a mini collage of the pics I took at VMV's Powerplant branch. I hope you can clearly see what's in them. I don't know how the heck it happened, but the original (and big) copies of these pics have mysteriously vanished from my laptop. :( I'll just try my best to take you on a mini tour in this store:

1. A wall where VMV's multi- awarded face, body, sun, and baby products are displayed. Shopping is quite a breeze in VMV because the products are arranged per skin type and concern. Even if you're busy and you have no time to look around, you can still score the right products when you shop at VMV!

2. Makeup station with huge mirrors. Just ask the friendly SAs for a makeover.

3. Right beside the counter is where you'll spot VMV's travel- sized products. There are also helpful Q&A cards on the racks that will answer some of your skin care queries.

4. Another pic of the makeup station. VMV has publications too. Feel free to browse them when you're at the store.

That's it! I "bought" a lot, and I'm "broke" again. Haha!

BTW, VMV Powerplant Mall branch is currently undergoing a store makeover. Don't worry, it won't be long! :)

And last Friday, I came home to this wonderful package. Wow, some of the products I "bought" from them have actually materialized! Hmmm. Maybe I should do window shopping everyday! LOL.

Presenting VMV's two new products: The new Skin Savvy foundation and their Skintangible "Faint"ation BBBB Cream.

It's still the good ol' Skin Savvy that we all have come to love but this time, it's now in a more convenient packaging. They've replaced the tube packaging with a glass bottle and pump. FYI, you can remove that pump and use your very last drop of Skin Savvy!

And here's what I'm excited about: Skintangible "Faint"ation BBBB Cream. Cute name!

Why BBBB Cream? Because according to VMV, Skintangible is "BB cream But Better". It offers a sheer, dewy, lightweight, and your-awesome-skin-is-awesome finish. Still curious? Here's something that will tickle your fancy more: It has a good mix of yellow/olive tones, compliments a good range of skintones especially morenas, and it's the first BB cream that doesn't leave any white and ashy casts on skin!

I can't wait to use them! Thank you VMV! Please keep on checking my blog for the respective reviews of these products. :)

That's it! Have a great weekend! If you wanna know more about VMV's latest wonder product, Skintangible, visit VMV HYPOALLERGENICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Awww, sometimes I'm doing what you do. Going inside the store and tell my self ok na, nabile ko na. Tapos hahanapin ni hubby nasan na yung binile ko. Hehehe :D BBBB Cream?Sounds interesting :D Will really wait for your review.

  2. I can't wait for your review of the BBBB cream! Can you compare it with the Skin Savvy? I'm trying to look for
    a good make up base that looks like you haven't put any make up at all. Something that gives a dewy look without looking greasy. Thank you Ms. Martha. Looking forward to your reviews. :)

  3. I always do window shopping din! Then I'll make a note/list on my phone of the products especially cosmetics that I want and then I will definitely buy them the next pay day! :)

    I never tried VMV products though this BBBB cream sounds promising.. :)

    Will wait for the review Ms. M. :)

    -Sincere <3

  4. Can't wait for your review! And I'm excited to visit VMV soon!!

  5. I love VMV product first because I have sensitive skin and their skin products were hypoallergenic second I like their make-up. And I love Armada (best sunscreen)

    Glenn of Gencified

  6. Unfortunately, I can't do what you do. When I really want to buy something, it bugs me and keeps me from having a good night's sleep until I actually buy it. Bad. Haha!

    Ooohhh I'm excited about your reviews of those products! Hope they work well for oily-skinned girls like us.

  7. BBBB cream? OMG!! I just died.. I want to try that too! Maybe I'll just wait for your review.. ;))

  8. haha.. i think a lot of people do that miss martha. hehe. i do that also minsan.. but i will tell myself that "oooh i have that!" even if i dont yet. hehehe. :D

  9. Hello Ms. Martha :)

    I do like window shopping. Usually, I end up sacrificing my debit card.

    Stores with banging music? Not cool. Didn't attract me to enter their stores. It's much better to play calming songs. Hee

    Amazing VMV products. Will wait for the review :)

    BBBB? Ohhhh... That's interesting.

  10. Hi girls! Yes, I'm equally excited about the product as well. Will use it this week and will let you know how it goes! :)

  11. I also love window shopping but I make sure I don't bring cash with me because I'm an impulse buyer. I've never used VMV products before but I want to try them out. Ms. M, what are very first product you've tried from VMV? You're suggestion really matters. Thank you in advance :)

  12. I do that too Ms. Martha. Especially at times when I am to shop for something though I am not yet satisfied of what I see, I ended up window shopping. :)))

  13. can't wait to see your reviews about these products! :)

  14. Buti kapa may self control, Ms. Martha. It is so hard for me to control myself from buying products that I like in an instant. My motto is: "I'm broke but I'm happy." haha. :D Can' wait for your product review. :)

  15. Hi girls! Yes! Will review these soon. I'm using them everyday starting last week to see how it performs. :D

    Kate: Sometimes, that's my motto too. Haha!

  16. Hi!
    So, how was it? i'm planning to buy one.. hope you can shed some light.. ;)

    thanks! thanks!

  17. Anonymous: Hi there! Are you asking about the BBBB Cream? Will review them next week. Sorry for the delay. :)


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