Review: Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Raspberry Macaron

Here' a review on Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Raspeberry Macaron (Psychedelicious Collection)

PRICE: P795.00
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Here's a new and sweet Puff De Cheek shade called Raspberry Macaron. I've already reviewed Majolica Majorca's Puff De Cheek in detail, so please check it out here and read about its overall performance and quality.

Raspeberry Macaron and Cherry Macaron are part of Psychedelicious, Majolica Majorca's newest collection.

Click READ MORE and check out the lovely swatches, and know why it's a good dupe for MAC's Coygirl
Raspeberry Macaron is a bright pink shade with a tinge of lilac and silver sparkles. Amongst all the Puff De Cheek shades, I find that the ones from the Psychedelicious collection are the most pigmented.

Texture is a bit gritty, due to glitters. The glitters don't really cling so much to my skin, and I like it that way. The glitters stay put for a couple of minutes right after application, but they're gone around midday.

I also think that it's a near dupe of MAC's Coygirl. In this swatch, Raspberry Macaron seems to be the lighter and pinker version of Coygirl.

When applied on my cheeks, their color payoff is kinda' similar. Is it a near dupe for you? Watchathink?

It's a lovely shade. It's probably one of my favorites from Majolica Majorca. It gives my cheeks a healthy pop of pink, and it matches violet shades (which happens to be my favorite color as of the moment) very well. The shade will compliment any skintone too. :)

Please visit Majolica Majorca on Facebook to see the entire Psychedelicious collection.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The packaging is so <3 <3.. :) Your face is so fresh with that blush! <3 Most of my purchased blushes are this kind na may puff! easy to apply kasi I'm not professional pa when it comes to brushes.. :)

  2. Looks good on you, parang healthy flush lang :)

  3. You look so pretty and you have such clear skin :)
    can you do a fotd using the products in the coygirl picture po...ganda ng look, at hindi heavy looking, perfect for college...

  4. Saw a review of this shade from another blog. I wanna try it, but thought it'll look good for fair-skinned only. Thanks for the review. :)

  5. pretty close. :) i like its packaging! very cute! i think majolica majorca products really have cute packaging.. :)

  6. Yes, they're nearly identical in terms of color. They give you a nice healthy glow!

  7. that color suits you! you are so so pretty ms.martha! :)

  8. pepay: hello there! :) that's okay. but when you get to try brushes, you'll never go back to those puffs anymore! :)

    iya: thank you! :D

    Aviva: thanks! :) perfect for the dull weather. :)

    Michelle: true! :)

    Rizza: you're welcome. :)

    Anonymous: thank you and welcome to my blog! :) Yes, will do that soon. :)

    jaja: thanks dear! :)

  9. The blush looks great! Can't wait to own one myself. :)

  10. The color is a total dupe of the coygirl. It looks really good on your cheeks. I wonder if it'll show the same way on me.

    ps.. I love your brows here.. ;)

  11. when i first read the title, it thought to myself, "tbj is blogging about food?" hehehee

  12. Jakie: true! It actually seems like a food post. :D

    Marjorie: Great observation! :) I think it will because it's really pigmented. Thank you! :D

    Jenii: Go ahead and get one na. :)

  13. Love the shade! Do you apply it using the puff that comes with it or you use your blush brush?

  14. this is a very nice shade on you! :) but come to think of it, I never saw anything that doesn't look good on you, so pretty! :)

  15. Lovely Color, it really suits you :)

  16. Wow, bagay din pala yung pink blush sa morena. :) I always thought that pink blush would not suit me. So I always go for peachy or coral shades. .^_^.

  17. Issa: Thank you for that wonderful compliment! :D

    Kate: Yes! :D Especially warm and dusty pink shades. :D

    Amz: thank you dear! :)

    Gen-Zel: I always use my blush brush. :)

  18. Ahh thanks! How about the puff? Isn't it good to use?

  19. Loooove the foundation used on the coygirl picture! Looks so matte :) May I ask what you used for both looks?

  20. Looks good on you ms. martha :)Before I'm afraid to try on pink blushes because I think that will not look good on me because I'm morena but when I saw this post I said to myself I'll try it on next time. BTW what other colors of blush ons can you recommend for morena skin type aside from peachy ones?


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