Sumptuous Sundays: Chateau Hestia

Hello! I'd like to share with everyone another hidden Tagaytay treasure. Man, my BF and I's love for eating really takes us to places we never knew existed! :D

Anyway, I'm going to talk about Chateau Hestia today. It's a half hectare property surrounded with the goodness of nature: Lush greens, towering trees, and fragrant plants. It is located just a few meters from Bawai's.

PRICE RANGE: P300.00-P1,000.00

Pathway to the actual restaurant: The place has this otherworldly and enchanting appeal: As I was crossing this path, it felt like I was transported to another place, the abode of the goddess Hestia to be exact. In Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the Hearth, and this explains why this place does not look like a restaurant--it looks like a home!

To tell you quite frankly, the restaurant is like a Hobbit House: Low ceiling, (but don't worry, it's not disturbingly low) tons of books on display, a bevy of fancy portraits on the walls, rustic mini chandeliers, and wooden knicknacks and furniture are everywhere. The only thing lacking was the presence of Frodo Baggins. Haha!

Chateau Hestia in-store delicatessen.

The place looks busy, yet there's something in the way it was designed that makes it look beautiful in spite of the excessive display. Overall, this place is very private and cozy. Definitely the best place to take your special someone on a very special date. Click READ MORE and check out their mouthwatering dishes!

Free bread platter with Eggplant dip. What can I say? I love bread! And I love it more if it's free! :D

Seafood Gratin- Scallop shells filled with sauteed seafood meat topped with Potato Au Gratin, served with Hestia salad bouquet. Serving is quite small, but at least its overall taste excites your palate, and gets you in the mood to eat.

Tuscany Burger- The BF's order. Chateau Hestia's version of the classic hamburger: Meaty beef patty with arugula leaves and aioli dressing sandwiched in between two warm home- made Foccacia bread slices. Tastes pretty interesting!

Pasta Con Gorgonzola- Ah, the best dish in this restaurant! If Bleu Cheese is your thing, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Spaghetti noodles in thick (and authentic) Bleu Cheese sauce with Parma Ham bits. It looks deceivingly small, but 'tis very satisfying! So glad I ordered this one!

Wiener Schinitzel- Germans love pork. Apart from sausages, they're also best known for their breaded pork cutlet. It's pounded lean pork coated in thin batter, and deep fried to perfection. It's served with Chateau Hestia's green salad and parsley potatoes on the side. It's like the European version of Pork Tonkatsu! LOL.

A Love Triangle- a sampler plate of Chateau Hestia's best- selling desserts including Panna Cotta w/ Passion Fruit Jam, (the BF and I's most favorite dessert among the three) Pate De Sable, (second most favorite) and Mousse Au Chocolat. (I don't wanna say that it's our least favorite because its bittersweet taste was the perfect thing to break the sweetness of the two other desserts.)

Kaiser Schmarnn- Or "Emperor's Omelet" or "Emperor's Nonsense." (lol at the last name) It's Austria's version of the good ol' pancake: lightly- toasted huge pancake sliced into bite- sized pieces sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with plum and cherry compote on the side. What sets this apart from the regular pancake? Well, it has a soft pudding filling inside! Ah, heavenly!

A refreshing cup of hot peppermint tea to calm my intestines after that huge dinner! It's all natural: they just use home grown peppermint tea leaves and steep it in hot water.

We love this place! Boy, the BF truly knows where to find the most romantic places. :D

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this post. :) I really hope you could visit this place because it's really beautiful, and worth the travel!

For more information, visit Chateau Hestia HERE.

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  1. mmm everything looks delicious!

  2. Wow! My Bf and I love eating in different places too! Thanks for this post we'll definitely check this one out when we go back to Tagaytay :) The foods make me feel hungry now :\

  3. Wala akong masabi sa food, basta BF and You look great together!

  4. Yummmyyy... I've noticed that you and your boyfie loves tagaytay restos.. :) ganda ng place <3

  5. Ms. Martha whenever you have post about foods, I always wonder how you managed to eat all the foods you order.parang feeling ko anadami nila for two people.Hehe, :)

  6. you guys look so cute together. :)that place looks so unique. :)

  7. I hope to go on food trips with my boyfriend too!

  8. I wanna celebrate my bf and I's 5th anniversary here! :D

  9. you both look cute!! OMG!! the food looks sooooooooooo yummy.. I will find this place next time!! ;))

  10. Great food! Yummy:p Will definitely try on this someday with my boyfie. hihi! I know there are more treasured resto in tagaytay like this that have not yet discovered by most of the people :)) Thanks for this ms. martha!

  11. I hope someone would bring me there someday. :)

  12. Since you're always in Tagaytay, have you tried the restaurant in Discovery Country Suites? For me it's one of the best places in town!

  13. Anonymous: hello and welcome to my blog! Wow! Thanks for the reco! I'll try that next time. :)

    Kate: Hope you can visit this soon! :D

    Allyzon: You're welcome! And welcome to my blog! :D

    Marjorie: It definitely tastes better than it looks! My photos didn't quite do justice to them. :p

    Rizza: go Rizza! :D I'm sure both of you will love it here. :)

    Arra: You have no idea how much me and my BF can eat! LOL! :D

    Michelle: Thank you! :D

    Aviva: It's a very fun thing to do. :D Hope you could do one soon. :D

    Sweetie: Yup! We love Tagaytay very much! :D

    Anna: Indeed! :D

    Gen-Zel: Yes! Please check it out and let me know how you like it! :)

  14. OMG!!! are you gonna post more photos of this??!! *yum yum yum* ;))


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