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LOTD: Blue and White

Here's what I wore to The Purple Groom photo shoot for the brand ambassadors. While waiting for our cars, Liz and I posed away on the streets of California Garden Square.

BLAZER: SM Corporate
DRESS: Forever21
SHOES: Brash at Payless

Liz asked me to do a Sex and The City walk. LOL!

Stick around 'cos I'll write about what happened in our CUTE photoshoot later! :D

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ganda! hahahaha natuwa ako sa sex and the city walk! hahahha

  2. that is one sultry get-up! Ms. Martha san napupunta lahat ng kinakain nyo? O.O

  3. Haha! Gusto ko rin magkaron ng Sex and the City walk shot. :))

  4. Ganda ng blazer!


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  5. Love this! Ganda mo talaga :) I really like the blazer, but for some reason I just can't make the look work on me. Haha

  6. OMG!!! I love the pumps.. ganda talaga sa payless!! ;))

  7. You look so pretty and your shoes look so classy, like I've said before, your figure is more refreshing to look at, lean and not like a stick figure

  8. anonymous: thank you very much! :) welcome to my blog! :)

    Mica: thanks! :D

    Marjorie: honestly, they're hard and they hurt my feet so I rarely wear this. :(

    Chrissy: hello there! thank you! :)

    Rizza: go! :D

    Arra: Thank you for the flattering comment. LOL! :D Saan napupunta? Sa breast, I guess. Hahahaha!

    Mich: lol! kaartehan lang. :D

  9. Vavoom naman, Martha! You look wow!

    PS: You remind me of Carrie of SaTC there!

  10. I love the look most especially the blazer, it really stands out.

  11. Nice blazer... I got white one also from Mango.. Love it!


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