Shu Uemura Launches Ultim8 Sublime Cleansing Oil and CHOCOLAT DONNA for Fall 2012

Chocolates- Rich, decadent, precious. Its creamy and heavenly taste stimulates a thousand joyful emotions, and banishes any feeling of sadness in an instant. It's not called the "Food for the gods"for nothing!

Photo Credits: Shu Uemura Malaysia

For Shu Uemura's 135th mode of makeup, Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director for Shu Uemura gives tribute to the most popular confection through CHOCOLAT DONNA: A sinfully sweet collection inspired by the richness of Chocolate, and a celebration of the many good feelings that we have come to associate with this delectable treat.

MODE OF MAKEUP- Since 1968, Shu Uemura has been reinventing the world of beauty through the "Mode of Makeup", a concept backed up by a deep understanding of aesthetics. For Mr. Uchiide, "Makeup is not about painting colors and forms. It is about rebirth of the face."

To formally launch this sensational collection, Shu Uemura has invited me, along with some of the esteemed beauty bloggers in the industry to a dinner at Chocolate Fire, Makati City. It was the most apt place to hold the launch indeed!

Click READ MORE and see the entire launch in detail.

Shu Uemura has also unveiled their newest and best cleansing oil to date, SHU UEMURA ULTIM8 SUBLIME CLEANSING OIL: A powerful oil cleanser infused with 8 botanical extracts that effectively improves the texture, tone, and appearance of the skin. FYI, it took Shu Uemura 10 years to perfect this cleanser!

A couple of things were also made available for our enjoyment such as the I love Shu Uemura placards, Mon Shu girl doll, and design your color atelier palette board.

Yes, I am a self- professed Shu-natic!

I'd like to introduce everyone to Mon Shu girl, the mascot doll of SUKL or Shu Uemura-Karl Lagerfeld collection. I'm a big fan of Karl Lagerfeld, and I can't wait for SUKL to come to the Philippines!

Fondue, glorious fondue!

With Nina Solano, Brand Manager for Shu Uemura Philippines.

Stuffed and overdosed with pheromones!

With my sweet blogger friends. :)

And to cap off the night, Shu Uemura has given us personalized chocolates.

Yummy! Thank you, Shu Uemura!

Presenting Shu Uemura's Chocolat Donna Collection Fall 2012:

- A delectable assortment of six pre- selected shades inspired by a box of luxurious chocolates!

Orange & Pistachio Palette
Mint & Vanilla Palette
Raspberry & Mocha Palette

- Choco- inspired colorful confections ranging from milky beige to hot cherry pink

- Two limited shades inspired by delicious fruit- infused chocolate


- The collection's two limited nail color shades are decadently chic bonbons on your fingertips!

Dark Chocolate
Icing Glitter

- Inspired by decorative gourmet chocolates. Brown feather with gold and silver accents add the perfect flavor to any shade of makeup

For more counter- exclusive events and information about SUKL, Chocolat Donna, and Ultim8 Sublime Cleansing Oil, please visit SHU UEMURA PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

What are you eyeing in this collection? And what makeup collection are you excited about? Share! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Did you get one of the palettes? The raspberry mocha palette looks soooo pretty..
    are the lippies, matte or glossy? ;)

    ps.. I thought I'd faint seeing the fondue.. ;))

  2. Marjorie: they gave me the mint and vanilla palette (which is my favorite combination), and the Ultim8 cleansing oil. :)

  3. Waaah I hope someday I can buy even just one of their palettes. Need to save up real hard. I love the Ultim8 cleansing oil! The best ever. It can remove even my hardest waterproof make-up :D without scrubbing my face to death :))

  4. The CHOCOLAT DONNA EYESHADOW PALETTE looks so yummy!! Unfortunately I can't afford this line pa.. :p and if ever I had an opportunity, I'll definitely purchase this palette as well as their 'sikat' eyelash curler.. *_*


  5. Are you going to do a smokey eye make up on that palette?? Pretty please... *puppy eyes* ;))

  6. oooh.. you look good in green miss m! I love it! You look glowing here. ayiee. hehe AYWAYs,I LOVE the persoalized chocolate they gave you! OOH LIPS! :)

  7. That personalized chocolate looks so yummy :p :)those color combinations in the eyeshadow palette are great and I love the third one for some edgy look, hihi :)) I also want to try their nail polish.

  8. I am eyeing on the Mint & Vanilla Palette. But it's too expensive. I will definitely save for that palette. Hope you will have a review on that soon. Thanks. .^_^.


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