Walking in the clouds with Neat Feat

People would often ask "How can you afford to walk in heels everyday?" And I just reply "Because I can."

LOL. What an arrogant answer, eh? Well that's just me. I like joking a lot. But truth be told, I can't. I would die in high heels. I think the reason why people think I can walk in high heels every single day is because I am wearing them in almost all of my outfit posts. But if you could only see me on a daily basis, you'll know that I'm just a tee-shorts-flip flops kind of gal. I'm never the type who will sacrifice comfort for style. So whenever an occasion requires me to wear killer heels, I make sure I find a way to take out the "killer" from it.

And this is the way I'm talking about: GEL INSOLES! Ah, marvelous gel foot pads that cushion your feet and absorb pressure and shock! Whoever invented these must be a sheer genius!

I have a couple from Neat Feat, a New Zealand- based specialty brand of foot accessories. Neat Feat offers a variety of foot shields that help you deal comfortably with shoes that hurt your heels, corns, callouses, and bunions. They're best known for their Orthotics and Gel range: The Orthotics range is designed for people suffering from flat feet, high arch, and unequal limbs, and the Gel range is basically for everyone who wants to walk comfortably in their shoes.

The pair I have is from the collection called Femme Slimline Gel, a foot cushion line meant for tight- fitting and pointy shoes.

It's a no- slip and stay- put gel cushion. Do take note that this particular product is only recommended to be used on one pair of shoes. It kinda' works for me because I only wear the same pair most of the time. And as you can see, it doesn't fit snuggly into my favorite pair of heels. Haha.

However, I wish it were reusable. If you remove them, it won't be as sticky anymore, and the sticky part may damage the shoe bed. But for the comfort it provides, the aformentioned cons are totally forgivable. And it's affordable too!

By the way, here's the complete line of Neat Feat's Femme Slimline Gel Range:

Wearing high heels is great-- it makes you look sexy, looks great in pictures, and gives your confidence a little boost. Just make sure they don't control you by wearing the right size, height, and using foot products that help you manage pain caused by these shoes.

And if you'll ask me again how I can walk in high heels everyday, I'll just tell you the same thing: Because I can. *wink *wink

For more information, Please visit NEAT FEAT PH on Facebook.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I also have this kind of gel insole but it's from a different brand. It makes a difference nga lalo na if you're standing and walking for a long period of time.

  2. thank you for featuring this. i really need one like this cause i always wear heels, and the pads of my foot get blisters if i walk around wearing heels too much. cant wait to try this one

  3. haha nice answer Ms. Martha! I started to be in-loved in high heels when I got work. I wear 3-4inches heels(platform) everyday! >_< but I can't stand it the whole day so I always have my ballet flats with me.

    Now I know your secret haha! I MUST have this para matagalan ko talaga ang shoes ko! Yes yes! :)))

  4. I wonder if those foot cushions that can be bought at Watsons are as effective as this.

  5. I've been wanting to try those but I doubted if they actually do the job. Now I know that they do! :)

    I have an ongoing giveaway!


  6. This is it! This is what I need haha. I always customize my shoes since I have an abnormal foot size :\ Neat Feat is the key! They have the one I need aside from this insoles. Thanks for the post :D

  7. So that's the secret.. Now I have an armor for my high heels.. Hello catwalk!! ;))

  8. Thanks for this review. It is a must have for working girls like me. .^_^.

  9. I'm addicted to gel insoles, but different brand. And yeah, I wish they're reusable too. :(

  10. i dont really used heels that often but when i do, its a MUST that i put on foot thingies too.. i have tried the gel ones from Watsons, and its okay. but this one looks more durable.. and yes, i hope they are reusable. :)


  11. these are great! but i also hope that it is reusable because i alternate my heels :)


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