5 Signs That You're Over-Scrubbing Your Skin

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Facial scrubbing has been a vital part of every person's skin care routine as it's the most effective, not to mention the cheapest way to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin. The common notion of most people is that the taut, dry feeling you get after scrubbing is tantamount to cleanliness, that's why a lot take facial scrubbing extremely. But little did they know that over scrubbing is the first step to damaging your skin. Over-scrubbing also poses a threat to your overall health. 

Are you scrubbing your skin way too much than expected? Find out in this post.

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- You don't have dry skin but surprisingly, you have nasty flakes all over your face. And if you have dry skin, the dryness is getting worse! Facial scrubs disrupt your skin's natural pH balance by removing the precious oil on your skin's surface that protects it from bacteria, hence making it feel tight and dry.

DAMAGE CONTROL: Right after scrubbing, follow up with a moisturizing cleanser to bring back skin's natural pH balance. Don't forget to apply moisturizer right after.

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- Just like dandruff, dry skin is itchy and irritating. When you over-scrub, your skin becomes overly dry and it can lead to rashes.

DAMAGE CONTROL: When your skin begins to itch, rub gently using the palm of your hand. Apply a soothing balm to combat itch immediately.

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- Most people who experience dryness from over- scrubbing also experience redness. Skin redness is a sign that your skin is thinning, and it makes your skin more vulnerable to infection. Over-scrubbing removes even the healthy and new layer of the skin, hence the reddish tone.

DAMAGE CONTROL- Skip scrubbing until the redness is gone. Steer clear of alcohol- based toners for it might sting big time.

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- Your skin breaks out easily, and it has become more reactive to skin care products and makeups. Over- scrubbing can sensitize your skin. Bear in mind that scrubbing causes micro tears on your skin. And if you over- scrub, chances are, you're inflicting so many micro wounds on your skin that it's having a hard time healing on its own.

DAMAGE CONTROL- Stop scrubbing until your skin has finally healed. Use mild skin care products and mineral makeup while the micro tears are in the process of healing.

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- Did you know that Acne is sometimes caused by over-scrubbing? When skin is dry, it is more susceptible to bacteria attacks. And since your skin has open channels, (aka Micro Tears) bacteria can penetrate effortlessly into your pores and cause damage.

DAMAGE CONTROL- Instead of using granulated scrubs, go for scrubs with non- abrasive scrubbers such as Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid will also help dry out those zits without opening them. Use non- comedogenic products and apply sunscreen during daytime.


1. You only need a light hand when scrubbing
2. Don't scrub a specific part for more than 1 minute
3. If you have dry skin, don't go for double whammy scrubs: Facial scrubs with exfoliating granules+peeling acid (e.g. Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid) It will dry out your skin big time by causing your pH level to rise above normal.
4. Scrub for at least once to twice a week only

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  1. OMG! This is very very helpful tip. I'm such a fan of scrubs. Thank you for this. I will definitely take note of the Facial Scrubbing Etiquette. Thanks, Ms. Martha. .^_^.

  2. and just what i needed. been having dry skin these past few days. i think i've scrubbed a lil too much. thanks for the reminder.

  3. Before when I'm not aware of what is facial scrub, I do this everyday like a facial wash and then discovered some of the effects you mentioned...

    Super thanks for this Ms. Martha... I'm more educated now on health, beauty issues! :)))

  4. i hate to admit but i don't exfoliate my skin regularly :( is it bad? thank you for the tips!

  5. It's also easy to overuse gadgets like the Clarisonic! The first time I got mine, I used it too much and got these micro-wounds that you were referring to: like abrasions on some parts of my face.

  6. I like the softness and smoothness I feel after exfoliating my face. :) I scrub my face every other day.. tigas lang ng ulo. Haha! Thank you for posting this, natakot ako. :D

  7. this was real informative, my derma told me i was also over scrubbing my face that's why it turns out to have dry and itchy feeling on it..this was really a helpful tip ms.martha.^_^

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