Benefit Cosmetics is now in Rustan's Makati!

Here's some exciting news Bene-fanatics! Benefit has finally opened their 3rd store at Glorietta's makeup capital, Rustan's Grand Mall, Glorietta 2!

To launch their new store and their new face kits, Benefit has gathered their favorite bloggers and people from the Press to a mini kickoff called 'We're Kicking Some Class', where we learned the many ways on how we can look fab and gorgeous, the Benefit way.

As always, Benefit has received a very warm welcome from their Benebabes and Benefans. We can't help it. WE LOVE BENEFIT!

Giant Sugar-licious display in front of a Cotton Candy cart! Yum! Sugar-licious is not Benefit's fancy name for Cotton Candy, it's actually part of their new face kits! Click READ MORE and see the rest of this fun event, and check out Benefit's newest products and services!

Lissa, Sophie, and I. We're Benefit's diligent students!

KICK SOME CLASS #1: How To Look The Best At Everything Complexion Kits: Presenting Benefit's prettiest publications. These mini bibles are your only source to gorgeous beauty. It contains mini versions of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, Hello Flawless Powder Foundation, Boi-Ing Concealer duo, and Pore-fessional. It's one of the books that you should bring to school! It's available in 3 volumes: Light, Medium, and Deep.

KICK SOME CLASS #2: Looking pale is not an option with their Lip and Cheek Kits in Tropi-coral, Sugar-licious, and Feelin' Dandy. (P1,600.00/each)

KICK SOME CLASS #3: Benefit finally has a Lash Bar! Nope, they're not doing eyelash extensions. They're offering false eyelashes services to everyone. In here, Benefit offers false eyelashes application using their exclusive false eyelashes products. From nice and neat to vavavoom lashes, you'll find it all here. Falsies will make your eyes look bigger in pictures and will make your eyes look more dramatic, so swing by their Lash Bar whenever you have to attend special occasions. Because special events require you to look fab!

Aubrey Bautista, Chief Fun Officer (aka Brand Manager) for Benefit Cosmetics Philippines in her short welcoming speech to the class of 2012.

KICK SOME CLASS #4: Great news Benebabes! Benefit Cosmetics has now launched their VIP cards! Please visit Benefit Cosmetics Philippines' Facebook fan page for more deets!

Tiffany Chen, the 'Professor of Pretty' aka Benefit's Regional SEA Trainor has graced the launch. Isabel Roces, Assistant Pretty Professor (LOL) hosted the event. Tiffany talked about how much she loves working at Benefit: She mused that Benefit is such a fun company and for her, it has the best products ever!

KICK SOME CLASS #5 AND #6: Shazzy is Benefit Cosmetics Philippines' Brow Expert. She did a brow waxing demo on one of Benefit's pretty models while Mica, Benefit Philippines' Chief Makeup Diva (aka Chief Makeup artist) demonstrated a fresh and simple makeup look using Benefit's new complexion kits and lip and cheek kits.

KICK SOME CLASS #7: Benefit's Brow Bar now offers lash tinting services! Say goodbye to off- looking brows!

With Sophie and Tara.

Foolin' 'round with Tiffany Chen.

Bumped into the beautiful Alyanna Martinez. :)

With beauty blogger Jheng and Aubrey Bautista. Thanks for this wonderful event, Benefit! Boy, I never thought schooling can actually be THIS fun! :)

KICKING SOME CLASS ON MY OWN: I can't wait to apply what I've learned with these marvelous kits. I got Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit and How To Look The Best at Everything Complexion Kit in Medium.

Please visit Benefit Cosmetics at Rustan's Grand Mall, Glorietta 2, Makati City. Don't forget to check out BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for exciting deets and in-house promos!

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  1. Hi Ms. Martha, i think the 3 Volumes of the How to Look the Best of Everything are Fair, Light and Medium ;) I got the Light kasi. Hihi. .^_^. Im so happy that I saw you at this event. Next time papapicture na ko sayo. .^_^.

  2. Wiiiii!!! Being a girl is so expensive.. Ohmy.. need to save more for this store...

  3. My eyes are set on How To Look The Best At Everything. ;) Btw, how much is it? :)

  4. How To Look the Best at Everything set has 4 volumes pala, Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. .^_^.

  5. YAY!!! New benefit store!!! :) i saw benefit at sephora singapore but i wasn't able to grab any products! thank goodness, a branch in makati opened! :P


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