Review: NewPeptin Eye Expert Eyelash Enhancer- The hope for your lashes

Here's a review on NewPeptin Eye Expert Eyelash Enhancer

PRICE: P3,200.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in select derm clinics; Renergy DermSpa, Serendra


I had given up on my lashes a long time ago. I have finally reconciled with the fact that they will no longer grow thicker and longer. For so long, I have been dependent on globs and globs of volumizing mascara to give me that long, lush, and bushy lashes that I've always dreamed of. I'm actually okay with how my lashes look like, but I wouldn't say no to something that will help them reach their full potential!

Two months ago, I have received this interesting product called NewPeptin Eye Expert Eyelash Enhancer. I was like "Yeah right. Eyelash enhancer my arse." Well, you can't blame me. I've already tried a lot of eyelash enhancing products: from home remedies to the product with the latest lash enhancing technology, but they were of little avail. There was this affordable eyelash enhancing product that made my lashes grow but unfortunately, my lashes grew back when I stopped using it. For two months, I had to undergo that stinging pain from using that eyelash "enhancer" only to find out that its results were temporary.

But I thought to myself, "Hey, since it's free, might as well give it a shot." And you know what guys? That was one of the best decisions of my life. As of this writing, I am enjoying my long and thick lashes! Read about my experience with NewPeptin's Eye Expert Eyelash Enhancer by clicking READ MORE!

One thing that got me interested to try this product is the fact that it's new to me--as in I've never heard of it before. I've looked up reviews on NewPeptin products over the Internet, and it seems like a lot of beauty bloggers swear by the brand. Unfortunately, I could only understand so little of what they wrote because every blog post I've read is in Spanish. Why so?

Because NewPeptin is a leading cosmeceuticals brand in Spain. They offer high quality products that get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and products that can even lift sagging chin and increase lip plumpness! They're selling "Cosmetic Surgeries in bottles!" LOL

But I digress. Perhaps you've come across or heard this word: COSMECEUTICALS. What is it? According to my best friend since college,

"Cosmeceuticals refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits."

To put it simply, Cosmeceuticals is your average beauty product---but on steroids! (Translation: They're packed with more effective ingredients than regular beauty products)

Packaging: It comes in a slim steel tube that's so compact and lightweight.

Here's the brush: It's slim enough for you to line your lash lines closely, gentle, and non-scratchy. The product is an unscented liquid gel that gets absorbed quickly by the skin. I love it because it does not sting as much as my former lash enhancing product does. Let me remind you again that it stings, but it's very, very tolerable. Well, it depends on your pain tolerance though.

Here are the active ingredients of this product: (taken from

Sympeptide (TM) El 226
It is a lipo-oligopeptide that represents the newest frontier in the lash treatment. Lengthens, fortifies and thickens the eyelashes thanks to its ability to help boost the natural growth of eyelashes.

Clinical instrumental tests in vivo show that there is a 25% increase in eye lash length after 2 weeks of use.

It is a water-soluble vitamin which prevents the fragility of hair and eyelashes.

Helps promote the growth and reinforces the structure of eyelashes.

Hyaluronic Acid

Helps improve tone and elasticity of skin tissue.

Deeply hydrates deeply the skin.

Vitamins (A, E, C) & Botanical Extracts: Chamomilla, Aloe, Green Tea
Antioxidant and anti-age action.

Paraben Free


1. Clean your eyes thoroughly, making sure that every trace of makeup is removed.
2. Apply liberally and as if you're just applying a coat of liquid eyeliner. Make sure you apply it closely to your lash roots
3. Optional: This is just a personal technique of mine, and it's not really advised in the instructions pamphlet of the product. After doing number 2, I apply another layer using the tightlining technique. I just feel that this technique lets the product go right into my lash roots.
4. You may opt to use it during daytime and night time. In my case, I only use it during night time because for me, the active ingredients get optimized as my body undergoes cell regeneration. And I get to save more product too. Lol

And now, here's everybody's most awaited part: THE RESULTS!


Here's my lashes before using NewPeptin's eyelash enhancer.

After two weeks, I've noticed a significant increase in length.

Unfortunately, these pics didn't do justice to the result so just refer to the pictures below. I think they showcase the length results better.


Before using NewPeptin's eyelash enhancer. Please take note of that red arrow pointing at a specific part of my lashes.

After 1 month, there was good improvement in my lashes' overall thickness.

Check out again the part with the red arrow and compare it with the picture on top. Notice that the gaps had grown hair. Check out also the lashes on my inner lash line and notice that they've gotten longer, and this part had grown hair too!

I am so happy with the results but I still had to put it on one, final test. I wanted to make sure that my lashes won't grow back when I stop using this so for 1 month, I didn't use it. Lo and behold, the results have stayed! I have even noticed that my lashes became stronger: Usually, I'd get nasty lash falls whenever I'm curling my lashes but when I've started using it, the lash falls were greatly minimized. Aside from my upper lash line, I've also used it on my lower lash line and brows and it worked!

This product is sooo divine! It's also nice to know that it's not as expensive as other effective eyelash enhancing products. If you're suffering from short, thin, and sparse lashes, don't think twice! Grab this! However, please be reminded that results vary depending on your body's reaction to the product. For me, I saw results in as little as two weeks but for others, it might take longer.

And always remember: If you want to achieve maximum results, use the product religiously and follow the instructions to the letter!

*NewPeptin is available in Renergy DermSpa, Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Addendum: A reader has just raised a very interesting question: She asked if the product has discolored my lower lash line, as it's a known side effect of most lash enhancing serums. To answer the question, no. I haven't experienced that. In fact, I have checked my eyes in the mirror upon receiving the comment and no ma, no discoloration has occurred. My lower lash line's color is still the same. :)

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  1. Wow this looks like a great one :) One that I would need. Hahaha my lashes are so short and thin. Anyway, did you notice discoloration on the lower part of your lid? I heard that some lash enhancers have that effect?

  2. wow!!! i like! :) i hope u could review the eye contour cream next..that's what i am so interested at...and the lid lifting serum!!

  3. Wow effective nga sayo Ms. Martha!! I think so din kasi ang price.... Oolala :D how I wish that our lashes grows faster like our hair :))

  4. OMG!!! effective ng bongga!!!
    I would love to have that because of my overly scarce lashes.. Nakakagulat lang talaga ung price.. :P

  5. Anyone ever tried petroleum jelly? It worked for me. I just watched it on youtube and tried it. And guess what! It works! Haha

  6. Oh, you're friends with Wikipedia too? Haha!

    Anyway, this brand's interesting. I'm not that interested with the eyelash enhancer though it's obviously effective. But I'll save up for their other products. :)

  7. And oh, I hope they'll send you their other products too so you can do a review. Haha!

  8. rizza: haha. yes. wikipedia will always be my best friend. lol! :) Actually, I have the reduchin (chin reducer), eye contour cream, and eye lifting gel. :) can't wait to review them! :)

    Marjorie: Thanks dear. Oh so true. The price will always be the issue. :p

    Anonymous: I tried that too but unfortunately, I ended up with blurred vision the next morning haha!

    Jheng: hello mare! yes, yes, will review those soon :)

    Sincere: oh i wish for that too. haha! :)

  9. Wow this looks very interesting! I want to try it too! Is there any other clinics aside from Renergy that sells this? It's too far from me :(

  10. How much is this?


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