The First-Ever Celebrity Face of Bobbi Brown

"Bobbi, the person, is very much what her makeup line stands for… no fuss, down to earth and real."
-Katie Holmes (On why she chose to become Bobbi Brown's first celebrity endorser)

Bobbi Brown's newest and first- ever celebrity face is the beautiful Katie Holmes. In this brief interview with Bobbi Brown, she dishes out why she chose a Hollywood celebrity (specifically Katie Holmes) to represent the brand:

What is the reason you decided to sign a celebrity face to represent Bobbi Brown Cosmetics now?

I look at this a bit differently. I never set out to find a celebrity face, I hired a woman who just so happens to be a celebrity. Katie and I met through a mutual friend and instantly clicked. We’re both girls from the Midwest, entrepreneurs, and mothers who live multidimensional lives. It was nice to find out that we had so much in common. We started to talk about ways to work together on her upcoming show, and that is when it clicked and I thought she would be the perfect person to represent my brand. Katie reminds me of a modern day Ali McGraw, who I admired growing up. She is a classic beauty with a sparkle in her eye and a smile that lights up a room. She is beautiful without trying to be.

What about Katie Holmes made her a good fit for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics?
One of my favorite beauty icons of all time is Ali McGraw who is beautiful without trying to be. We I met Katie Holmes she instantly reminded me of Ali – a natural beauty that I can relate to. She embodies the modern Bobbi Brown Cosmetics woman: confident, down to earth, positive spirit, beautiful inside and out. I love how Katie Holmes is a real woman –who juggles a career, supports her community through her charity “Dizzy Feet” and is a doting mother.

How do you see your relationship with Katie Holmes evolving over the next year?
Next week, I look forward to working together on creating the beauty looks for her Spring 2013 fashion show for her and stylist Jeanne Yang’s “Holmes & Yang” line. I’ve been a fan of the brand for its simple, clean lines that enhance a woman’s shape. Next, we will be shooting the brand’s spring ad campaign with Katie Holmes in New York City.

Get the look of Katie Holmes' using Bobbi Brown's signature 10- step face and makeup products.

And this is why Katie Holmes chose to lend her face to this global brand:

FYI: Katie Holmes likes to keep her makeup simple. She only wears blush on ordinary days!

I'm not a big fan of Katie Holmes, but I sure do agree that her elegant face and no- fuss beauty choices truly make her the apt celebrity face of Bobbi Brown. This partnership is a digression from Bobbi's usual collaborations featuring ordinary women but based on her interview, I believe that what she did is still in line with the spirit and message of the brand.

Thoughts: I also think calling it quits with Tom Cruise is one of her best decisions yet. I'm not saying they don't look good together, (heck, they make a gorgeous couple) but her marriage with Tom is very restrictive and it almost killed her career!

The Beauty Junkee asks:

What say you? Do you think Katie Holmes best represents Bobbi Brown? But I'm more interested to know if you think that getting a celebrity endorser is a good move for the brand.

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2 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think Katie fits Bobbie Brown to a tee... she represents what Bobbie Brown always go for... Real & Natural Beauty. ^_^

    I personally think that Bobbie going for a celebrity endorser would make her brand be like the rest "commercialized", However, Bobbie chose Katie and I think she's going to the right direction.


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