Turn on your Youth: Shu Uemura TSUYA SKIN Grand Launch

Last week, I was invited to Picasso Loft for the celebration of one of the most important breakthroughs for Shu Uemura: TSUYA SKIN

Tsuya Skin is the culmination of Shu Uemura's long years of skin care research and development. The line contains Rhamnose, a recent discovery in the world of cellular biology. Rhamnose is a powerful active that turns on skin's "Youth Power Switch".

Young skin has highly active cellular receptors or the "Youth Power Switch". It instructs skin to heal and regenerate itself day after day. But as we age, the Youth Power Switch is "turned off" gradually, thus causing our skin to lose its ability to repair and renew itself. In theory, our body's ability to regenerate does not stop as long as the "Youth Power Switch" is turned on. And this is where Tsuya skin comes in: It penetrates deep into the cellular level and turns on the "Youth Power Switch" for non-stop skin renewal. The result is poreless, unified, radiant, and translucent skin. At last, the search for the fountain of youth has come to an end.

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Below are the products of this line:


- The world famous UV underbase is now made using the TSUYA skin care technology. It also comes in a softer, more moisturizing texture. The new TSUYA underbase contains the most amount of moisture among all of Shu Uemura's UV Underbase products.

- The elixir that will give you fresh, glowing skin. It is a water- based serum that gets absorbed rapidly by the skin for optimum efficacy.

Tsuya means "ideal" in Japanese. In just 7 days, TSUYA will give you back the "ideal" skin that you used to have.

The serum feels very lightweight, and I'm lovin' its light floral scent. It makes my skin look brighter in a flash!

After our sumptuous dinner, we were led by the kind people of Shu Uemura to an exclusive loft where Shu Uemura products abound. We have also experienced a TSUYA- inspired makeup demo courtesy of Sharon Soledad, Shu Uemura Philippines' chief makeup artist.

Ah, I want this boudoir!

The girls who are patiently waiting for the makeup demo to start while enjoying their cups of creme brulee.

As the Shu Uemura adage goes: "Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin." Sharon started off by cleansing Cara Manglapus' (our model for the night) facial skin with Shu Uemura's cleansing oil and Depsea water mist before proceeding to the creation of the TSUYA makeup look.

With my girls. Fun night, as always.

I'm already on my 2nd day of usage of both products. Can't wait to see the results!

For more information about the new TSUYA skin care line, please visit SHU UEMURA PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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