New York in Manila: Kiehl's now open at Powerplant Mall!

 Powerplant is my most favorite mall, and I love the fact that it has everything in it: From my favorite restaurants to my telecomumunications service provider. In Powerplant Mall, I could do all the things I have to do in one go. But somehow, I had felt that something was missing but never really knew what that was. 

One day, while I was strolling in it, I saw this fancy store and the sign read KIEHL'S. All of a sudden I felt a gush of happiness, and in my mind I said "Finally! Powerplant's complete!" That moment, I realized that Kiehl's was the only thing missing in this mall! And now that they have a branch of my HG skin care brand here, I can finally say that Powerplant Mall is the best mall ever! (I'm not paid by Powerplant Mall to say this. :D)

And a new branch requires a celebration!

Kiehl's had a quaint store launch last week and luckily, I was invited. The theme of the store is all about bringing New York city to the Philippines through Kiehl's brand spankin' Powerplant Mall branch. FYI, Kiehl's is a New York- based brand. The first Kiehl's branch has opened in the East Village of New York in 1851. No wonder why the sights, sounds, and culture of New York city has a special place in all of Kiehl's stores. 

At the new Kiehl's Powerplant Mall branch, you will get to experience the spirit of New York city--No VISA required!

Click READ MORE and take a tour inside the new Powerplant Mall store!
 At Park Ave. is where you'll spot Kiehl's best- selling skin care products such as the Ultra Facial, Blue Herbal, Rare Earth, Dermatologists Solutions, Midnight Recovery, and Acai lines.

 Right across Park Ave. is Times Square and Wall st. This is where you'll see their body, hair, baby, and for Men lines.

 Creme De Corps and Superbly Restorative Body Care lines

 Facial Fuel series for men.

 Food break: Roast Porkloin and bread.

 Caramelized apples! This treat is so San Fo, but I guess they also have it in New York city. I also think it's one of the great American comfort foods!

We also had a fun event called CUSTOMIZE A BAG. Here's me, Shen, and Tara posing for the official photographer before testing our art skills!

 This is my loot: Blue Herbal gel cleanser and astringent, Ultra Facial Oil-Free toner, and my favorite Ultra Facial Cream. I got two toners because I swear by Kiehl's toners--Their toners actually work!

 Enjoying the "Streets of New York" with Liz Lanuzo.

L-R: Mikki of Break My Spell, Tara of Chronicles of Vanity, Sheena Brand Manager for Kiehl's, Sophie of Beautynomics, Nikki of Askmewhats, Liz of Project Vanity, Angela of Lush Angel, and Shen of Shen's Addiction.

 Thank you for the awesome event, superb goodies, delicious food, and great company. And most of all, thank you for opening a branch in Rockwell! :D

And oooohhh.... What is this?! I will reveal this soon in my blog. But if you want a clue, all I can say is that Kiehl's has a new fragrance line. :D Awesome, right? Keep on checking my blog for the details!

Please visit KIEHL'S MANILA on Facebook for more information about the new Powerplant store.

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  1. my family and i used to have bonding @ rockwell,that's why when i saw that kiel's store will soon be open i was excited,and now that the store is open i'm more excited than ever. I remember, i'm more convinced right now about the effectivity of the product,well a big thanks to you ms.martha from your past review about their product that's the time i've tried it,it's all worth.^_^

  2. omg the fragrance bottle is so cute :)

  3. Wow can't wait for your reviews on the cleanser and ultra oil free toner yay :)) Omg aromatic blends!!finally they're here wooot :)

  4. Hi girls! :D Yup, please watch out for my reveal of the aromatic blends! :D


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