Nail Art Madness: A Haul Post

 Okay I am developing a certain kind of passion for nail art. Never knew it would be so much fun! Yesterday, I went to Landmark Makati with Mikki of Break My Spell to accompany Jheng of I am Brigitte in her shopping for false eyelashes. TAKE NOTE: I was just there to accompany her but I ended up buying stuff myself. (Shopping ban fail)

I saw this huge counter that sells salon tools from hair to nails, and it has lotsa stuff for nail art! As I was checking out the nail stuff, my interest for the art was sorta' aroused so I ended up hauling the following:

 A blank nail plate where I could practice my drawing skills.

 Brushes in various lengths. These are drawing tools.

 Dual ended dotting tool.

 Nail Art tools set

 Precise dotting tool

 Painting tool

 Slanted brush for creating thin lines and for applying polish on the inner corners of my nails.

 Stiff nylon brush for removing polish stuck in the inner corners of my nails.

Fan brush: Used for ombre nail art, and the galaxy effect nail art.

If I stayed a little longer, I might have bought the Konad- like nail stamp set. So I had to flee the mall before I ended up going crazy over the tools!

I can't wait to get home and play with these new babies! I'm cooking up lotsa nail art tutorials so keep on checking my blog! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Grabe, I've been doing nail art for so many years na pero di pa rin ako nakakabili ng complete tools like what you have now. I'm so happy that you put a place in your heart for nail-art thingy!
    Pretty Thrifty

  2. Awesome haul, Ms. Martha! How much are they? I've been wanting to buy nail art stuff since I saw this on pinterest... I also shared it with Ms. Jheng and Ms. Nikki... ^__^

    Next time I go to Divisoria, I will buy nail art stuff... ^__^

    Here's the pinterest post:

    Happy nail art! ^__^

  3. Yey! Can't wait for your nail art tutorials. I also have this passion for nail arts :) Surely will keep on checking your blog :)

  4. Oh by the way, where did those nail art tools come from? :)

  5. very seems kinakarir mo na ang nail art ms.martha.^_^

  6. Yay! Naku Martha, malilibang ka nyan sa nail art :) I'm sure dami mo na naiisip na designs!

  7. mukang seryosohan na to ah Ms. Martha. Keri naman at go. Looking forward on your entries for nail art hehe. I want to try that also kaya lang wla tlga sa dugo k ang patience at artistic mind but I enjoy watching and reading tutorials though.

  8. i buy also my nail art materials at landmark at ang hirap hindi pansinin mapapabili ka talaga.ahaha so next [post nail art tutorial yay haha

  9. wow! wish I'm as artistic like you! I can't even apply my nailpolish right :))

  10. San po banda sa land mark nkakabili ng tools?

  11. San po banda sa land mark nkakabili ng tools?

  12. San po banda sa landmark nkakabili ng tools???

  13. San po banda sa land mark nkakabili ng tools?


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