Perfect the No Makeup Look with Shiseido's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Thoughts: The 'No Makeup Look' is perhaps one of the most coveted looks because it aims to project and highlight the skin naturally. But what does it mean when one says 'No Makeup Look'? It's a look achieved using makeups in sheer formulations. It does not necessarily mean that you have to wear minimal to no makeup at all. In fact, you can even use a couple of makeups whilst still staying true to this look.

Speaking of the 'No Makeup Look', Shiseido's newest collection for Fall is all about radiant, healthy, and bare skin. These newest additions to Shiseido's prestigious makeup collection will help you achieve a beaming, natural look that's so perfect for the incoming holiday season. Let's check out what comprises this new collection:


Bare makeup could use a little help from lipstick. You don't have to look pale even if you're sporting the No Makeup Look! Inspired by Japan's long tradition of lacquer artistry, Shiseido offers the new Lacquer Rouge: It has the finish of a lipstick and high shine of a lipgloss. It comes in 12 shades, a long- wearing and high impact finish, and in an easy-to-use, travel- friendly tube.


Shiseido's new breakthrough foundation boasts of its Radiant Reflective Complex, a newly- developed foundation technology that applies the principle of the light- bouncing and illuminating effect from reflective boards used in professional photography. Radiant Lifting Foundation blurs fine lines and conceals imperfections for a brighter, firmer, and smoother- looking skin whether in real life or photographs. 


The icing on the cake: Highlighter. The 'No Makeup Look' is never without a touch of incandescent glow. 

As a way to celebrate Shiseido's 140th birthday, the brand has released the Camellia Compact. The Camellia is a revered flower in Japan, especially by Shinzo Fukuhara, first president of Shiseido. Fukuhara believed that the Camellia flower is a symbol of beauty, integrity, excellence, and honor. Fukuhara has designed Shiseido's Camellia motif himself: 

The Camellia Compact is a highlighter with a mix of three exquisite colors: Rich Rose, Spring- Petal Pink, and Icy Cool Platinum. Swirl the three together to create a subtle, healthy glow, and use the colors individually to highlight whether your eyes, cheeks, or complexion.

These three easy-to-use products will help you get your glow on in a snap! Achieve bare and beautiful skin effortlessly with these newest offerings from Shiseido. I'm interested with the Camellia Compact and Radiant Lifting Foundation. How about you? :)

For more information about this new line, please visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on FACEBOOK.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the NO-Make-up look:) I'll definitely tell my sis regarding these fab Shiseido goodies that she can use on her upcoming wedding:)

  2. yay i want your take on that look!

  3. I have my eyes on that radiant lifting foundation

  4. the 'no make up look' is i think the most excrutiatingly impossible look to achieve especially if you dont have a flawless skin.

  5. Oh, that radiant lifting foundation... Sana ma try ko yan sa Shiseido counter.

  6. wow that foundation looks promising! :)

  7. Raych: I'm interested in that too!

    Kath; same! :D Kaso I might end up buying it haha. i have way too much foundations!

    Donnagan: Quite true. Your makeup is only as good as your skin. For those with imperfections, the "Natural Look" is a much better option. :)

    Rae: same!

    Rae: Noted! :)

    Jen: wow! These are perfect for wedding use! :)


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