Review: VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash

Here's a review on Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash

PRICE: P800.00/250ml
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all VMV Hypoallergenics stalls and boutiques


Are you breaking out from your current shampoo and body wash? Have no fear, Clark Kent is here! No, not the comic hero but his cleanser version! Say hello to VMV's Essence Clark Wash, an ultra gentle hair and body wash that does not cause skin and scalp irritations, gets rid of them, and prevents them from coming back.

 I just think that VMV did an awesome job when they decided to name this wash after Superman's alter ego. It's cute, and it's clearly the perfect name to sum up what it can do.

Clark Wash is Paraben- Sulfate- All Types of Fragrance- SLES- SLS- Dye- Pthalates- and Preservatives- Free. WHEW! So even if you have the most sensitive skin on earth, you'll find refuge in VMV's mildest wash to date.


 It also has a pump dispenser which you can buy separately in all VMV stores.

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The wash is a semi- rich, milky white liquid. It doesn't lather up so well on my hair because it doesn't have sulfates in it. When used as a body wash, it leaves your skin squeaky clean but soft and smooth to touch, although I still have to slather on some lotion because I have dry skin.

I'm a witness to its efficacy: A few weeks before I used this, I had developed a few dome- sized zits on my scalp. (Perhaps due to stress since I have no known sensitivity to regular shampoos) In as little as two weeks, the zits have vanished! My huge scalp zits would go away in around 3 weeks to a month but with this product, they've disappeared faster. But please bear in mind that this is not meant to heal any skin condition. If you have grave allergies, it's better to consult with your doctor.

It's pretty expensive, but a lot cheaper than going to your dermatologist and buying skin medications often. It's also a great product that will help manage minor skin sensitivities. I think it's best for people who are sensitive to shampoos with Sulfates and Panthenol, and people who react to body washes and soap with drying ingredients such as Detergent  (Yes, commercial body washes have this as a lathering ingredient) and Triclosan. Or if you simply want a product that is almost chemical- free, go for this.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this looks promising...more healthier and doesn't irriate skin,might as well go for this because i really got a very sensitive skin.tnx martha for the post.again and again you enlightened me.^_^

  2. I think I need this! having a sensitive skin is kinda hard cos you need products like this which is kinda expensive. haha!

  3. Raych: Hi there! That's true! But as always, 'tis better safe than sorry! :)

    purple clandestine: You're welcome! :D

    Jenny: go dear! :)

  4. I started using the illuminants+axillight and skin saving for 3 days now. and I promise, expensive but worth it!!! it's really a big help, especially for someone like me, who have hyperhidrosis. skin saving also can be use on your palms and feet. it really makes it dry all day long. on my 23 years or living, I suffer, as in really suffer on my wet palms and underarm. and thanks God I finally got a very helpful products now. for the first 7 weeks, you cant use the axillight everyday, it have instructions like, for the first 2 weeks, you can use it twice a week. you'll be able to use it everyday on the 8th week. so you have to use skin-saving for some days that you can't use the axillight. hope this helps. :)


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