Review: Zen Zest Foot Care Set

Here's a review on Zen Zest's Foot Care Set

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 Today, I just came from two big meetings. I wore my trusty and lucky pair of Tory Burch Revas because I had to do a lot of walking. This hardworking pair has been with me for over two years now, and it has always been my stylish buddy if I have to do a lot of traveling by feet. It's made from genuine leather and it got more and more buttery overtime to a point where I can walk for two straight hours in it without limping. But I can't deny that sometimes, it does bite my skin, (due to its thick stitching) and it makes my feet sweat. I think genuine leather is naturally like that no matter how comfortable it has become--it is inevitable that its innate solidness and thickness will impart a slight pressure on your feet.

When I got into the car, I removed these flats and I almost heard my feet let out a loud sigh. It has been compressed inside the shoes for almost 12 hours. It was a tiring day, but a very productive one. Today was just a very, very busy day for me but as always, busy is good. Because the busy path is where the moolah is! :D


And so that little monologue about my day is a segue to my favorite foot care set from Zen Zest. The moment I got home, I filled the bath tub with tepid water and brought these babies to the bathroom for my weekly Foot Spa treat. As you all know, I love doing At Home treatments and Foot Spa is one of them.

Zen Zest's Foot Care set is made with the goodness of Peppermint. Peppermint is a very effective extract to help stimulate your very tired trotters. Not only that, the cool, fresh aroma helps relax your senses as well.

Let's take a look at this Foot Care collection in detail:


Invigorate and revitalize your feet in a luxurious, relaxing and soothing foot bath that stimulates and softens tired feet and legs.

 A Foot Soak is supposed to soften the skin around your feet but in my opinion, you can do without it as immersing your feet in lukewarm water for 3- 5 minutes will naturally soften your skin. 

 This one does the same thing. However, I still find it great because it had a different effect on me, and it's the effect I am really after: It removes stink from my feet. Methinks this is the work of the Aloe Vera extract, a known antibacterial ingredient. It takes away the stench caused by sweat, and the sharp odor that my feet develops whenever I'm wearing closed shoes such as leather and rubber.


Awaken your senses. Lift your spirit with this creamy body scrub! Infused with Aloe Vera and enriched with the exfoliating kernels of sweet, juicy apricots. Also contains jojoba seed powder that purifies rough and flaky skin. Leaves you with a soft, radiant and glowing complexion!


 The thing I like about this scrub is it is not at all gritty. Most foot scrubs are way too overdosed with exfoliating granules, and this one has the right amount in it. The semi- creamy base moisturizes the new layer of skin as the granules remove the dead one. It also has Triclosan to disinfect skin. However, even if it has a disinfecting promise, I would not advise anyone to apply it on open wounds as the micro scrubbers might enter the openings.

 The questionable thing here though is hygiene: It is impossible to take some product without contaminating the whole thing with the bacteria on your hands, so the best thing to do is to use a spatula. As for me, I just use a plastic knife. :D


Moisturize and hydrate your feet. Keep them soft and satin-silky with our foot lotion infused with soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.


 Unknown to most of my readers, I eat Foot Lotion. (Figuratively) My feet, especially the heel part, tend to get dry and rough that's why a Foot Lotion is one of my boudoir necessities. This is the biggest jar of lotion I've ever encountered and I am overjoyed because it will last me for a long, long time! Zen Zest's Foot Lotion is semi- thick yet is absorbed easily by the skin so it's great to use if you're in a hurry. It also yields a nice, cooling sensation and the yummy minty smell just makes me feel that my feet is squeaky clean. Again, my issue here is hygiene. And again, I use a plastic knife. :)


Cool, refresh and energize your feet with our deodorizing foot spray infused with anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil. Guaranteed to keep your feet smelling good all day!

Ah, the icing on the cake. The end of the story. The peak of the mountain. The finish line in a race. The curtain call. The last straw.

Well, I just want to say that this is the final thing that sends my feet and legs to dreamland. Zen Zest's refreshing foot spray is used to calm and soothe your skin and muscles for a long time. Since I don't have to wash it off, the cooling sensation stays on longer and does its magic in reviving my tired legs and feet. It's quite a multi-tasking product because I use it as a Foot Spray as well, especially when I'm wearing sneakers or rubber shoes. The Tea Tree Oil extract helps combat moist and smell.

I love how everything comes in generous sizes. And the best part is, everything is affordable! I just wish they'd release Lavender- scented versions of everything because personally, I dig Lavender. :)

For more information about these products, please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook.

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  1. it seems so very relaxing and calm,and i do love those minty smell that really makes the nerves and veins relax a lot.^_^

  2. I'd like to try these products but I really do hope I will have the time! I need a pampering day for myself

  3. lovely products! feels so relaxing :)

  4. i want to try that foot soak!
    gladly zenzest is just everywhere!

  5. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

  6. pain free foot care: you're welcome, and welcome to my blog! :)

    Jenny: Yup! that's another great thing: they're accessible!

    Raych: Most especially the foot lotion! :D

    Issa: then you'll love this set. it's a cheap way to feel relaxed! :D

    Purple clandestine: True! :) Hope you can grab them soon and support Pinoy products. :)

  7. wooT thank you ms m for including this also to my prize loot =) im currently using their VCO hair and body oil and it is one of my hg product =)

    thank you for the Zenzest EDT in Silver for men (lucky husband he loves perfumes) and the cabinet deodorizer (it smells great too!)


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