Sumptuous Sundays: Kanin Club

I go to this temple every Sunday and our sessions usually end at 9PM. Right across our temple's venue is Ayala Triangle Park, which has a good array of restaurants. Right after every session, my newfound temple friends and my BF would hurriedly go to ATG to satisfy our hunger (we're always hungry after every session) in one of our most favorite restaurants to date, Kanin Club.

 Its interior is inspired by the Spanish-Filipino homes of a bygone era. They even play Pinoy music to add to the mood of the place!

Kanin Club serves homestyle classic Filipino meals. Every time I eat here, I would always indulge in two cups of rice! True to its name, it's really a place where you'll find great tasting meals that go so, so well with rice!

PRICE RANGE: P100.00-P500.00

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 Lemon Chicken- A Filipino rendition of the popular Chinese dish. Its lightly sweet batter is like the one you'll taste in Camaron Rebosado. I like how they've adapted this fave Chinese dish of mine to the Filipino palate.

 Errr--here's goes my memory! I think this one is Ginataang Sigarilyas. (Winged Beans in Coconut Milk) It has pork pieces and it's so good on its own with rice!

 Kalderetang Baka (Beef Stew)- Fork- tender, flavorful lean beef meat in rich tomato sauce. I even think this one's spiked with peanut butter. It also has olive, and it adds a light smoked flavor to the sauce. Yummy!

 Crispy Binagoongan- The unanimous favorite! I've been to Kanin Club for five times already and I always order this! The pork is lightly crispy, and the binagoongan sauce is to-die-for. Order this if you will eat here!

Sinigang na Isda- (Fish Sour Stew) I think the fish is Bangus, although I didn't bother to find out because I am not fond of this dish. But the soup is good, and I like the super sour taste!

Other Must-try: Crispy Tadyang- another crowd favorite

Without question, I definitely recommend it to everyone who loves Filipino cuisine! The meals are truly affordable and above all, the overall taste of their dishes has a personal touch!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. binagoongan is very delish indeed!

  2. I know a lot of people don't eat dinuguan, but their Crispy Dinuguan is just the sex! And the Sinangag na Sinigang! Ooooh I want to go back to Kanin Club.

  3. ay winner jan, not expensive at masarap pa. Sulit pang pamilya hehe

  4. Eyah: Thanks for the suggestions Eyah! And welcome to my blog! :)

    Joyce: I have tried their dinuguan and it's actually yummy, buy dinuguan is not really my thing. :)

    Jenggay: True! Great place to eat in after a very tough workout! :D


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