Pinkbox Donut Bun and Hair Puff: Fab Hair in Minutes!

Long haired girls like me are quite lucky because we could take advantage of a lot of hair tools and hair accessories and style our crowning glories in a thousand and one ways every single day, albeit it will eat up a lot of time. Unfortunately, I do not have the patience nor the time to deal with my hair. My hair's quite low maintenance and for the longest time, my hairstyle has always been wash-and-wear. LOL! I have to admit that I get jealous whenever I see long-haired girls sporting fancy hairstyles and I have always wondered "Is there a way for me to sport stylish hair without spending hours in front of the mirror?"

Finally, there is. Pinkbox introduces the Donut Bun and Hair Puff, the newest additions to their Chic Collection, a collection of stylish and easy-to-use hair accessories.

The event was held at Aria Cucina, The Fort High Street Central. I was asked by Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity to model for the event and I said yes because I wanted to see how these nifty hair thingamajigs work.

Click READ MORE and find out more about these fab hair accessories!

 DONUT BUN- Sport those popular huge hair buns in minutes! It's the next best thing since ponytails!

 HAIR PUFF- If volume is your problem, then the Hair Puff is your friend. Finally, you can don those Yorkies without having to damage your hair by teasing them!

 Just wanna show you guys how cute the event was. I've always loved Pinkbox for their ultra girly themes!

 Even the candies and sweets were specially made for Pinkbox!

 In here, we have Pinkbox's Accessory Cabinet with mirror. It was specifically made to store your beloved accessories neatly and safely. If you love accessories, then you should have this. This was also raffled off during the event, although the accessories weren't included. In an ideal world, they are!

 The host for the program was the lovely and spunky LA Ferriols. In here, Pinkbox's founder, Ms. Nelly See, gave us a brief background on how Pinkbox came to be.

 Verniece modeling for the Donut Bun.

 Me modeling for the Hair Puff.

 Love it! What particular hairstyle are you loving? :)

 The guests were asked to style their hair using the Donut Buns, Hair Puffs, and various hair clips and trinkets provided. The girl with the best hairstyle wins the Accessory cabinet!

 Three runner ups were chosen. The Accessory cabinet goes to....

Kim Rodriguez of Makeup by Kim Rodriguez! :)

Stylish hair in no time at all! The process only took 5 minutes. Wow!

 With our hairdresser of the day.

 I also took home a fab gift box from Pinkbox and it contains....

The Donut Bun, Hair Puffs, and some cute hair accessories from the Chic Collection.

Thank you, Pinkbox! Please keep on checking my blog for hair tutorials!

For more information about the Donut Bun and Hair Puff, please visit PINKBOX on Facebook.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love ur attire as always..hahaha me too nakakangawit kapag nagaayus ng matagal ng hair. Keri nalang ang straight..:) btw Ang cool nung mirror/cabinet accesories.. super lucky ng winner..

  2. Seeing pinkbox's branch in sm southmall made me want to have a girly dresser so bad. :D they're really good in designing.

  3. I love doing the donut bun. The longer your hair is, the bigger the bun will be! Plus, it can be used for heat-free curling.

  4. cant wait to try that donut bun! :) you're so pretty ms martha! :) love that necklace!

  5. Jhessica: Thanks girl! At least with the donut bun and hair puff, your arms won't feel weary! :)

    Harmony: True! :) It shows in how they put up their events!

    Raych: Thanks dear! :)

    Aviva: The thicker the better too! Yup, it's a great alternative to heat-free curling, although it will work best on naturally wavy hair. :)

  6. Too bad I missed this event, I should have met you na. :( Next time! Oh, and I'm definitely purchasing a donut bun!

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  7. weee, im gonna get the donut bun soon! ang cute, too bad i wasnt able to go

  8. look at that accessory cabinet... im so jealous to the girl who won it! hahaha. ms, martha where did you purchase your necklace on that pic?

  9. I want that accessory cabinet! I wish my hair will be longer soon coz I really wanna try the donut bun and hair puff. :)

  10. The winner of the accessory cabinet is so lucky!:) Super cute!:) Wanna try the hair puff too.. since I'm not good on teasing my hair! haha!:) xoxo

  11. gusto ko nito!! donut bun!! like most hairdos of koreans! yey! i'll definitely drop by at pink box! ^_^

  12. Pinkbox items just keeps getting better and better! ^__^

  13. Aww, I didn't know about the donut bun. I better run to my nearest Pink Box, lol :)

  14. It's the first time I've heard of the Hair Puff and Donut Bun. I too don't have all the time in the world to fix my hair and just often wear it in a simple ponytail. These hair accessories will definitely make my hairstyles more interesting.

  15. And Oh! I have a DIY Donut bun! ^__^

    I might as well try the Pinkbox donut buns and hair puffs! ^__^


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