Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks+Nars Funny Face Dupe Alert

Here's a review on Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks in Fuchsia Crystal and Berry Brilliant

PRICE: P399.00 each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading drugstores and department stores


I'm blogging right now from Greenbelt 5 and the place just exudes this Christmas-y vibe: Christmas light and trees are now everywhere, and the air is filled with Christmas jingles! I am so excited for this season!

Speaking of the holidays, berries and wines are so in this season. In my experience, high end makeup brands make good berry and wine shades and it's so hard to find good ones from entry level brands. Good thing Maybelline came out with ColorSensational Jewels, a lipstick collection comprised of luxurious, bold shades.

 The holographic tube is just so cute! It reminds me of our Pink and Blue Christmas lights in our old house.

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Pigmentation is very good--it's almost the same as the original ColorSensational Long Lasting line, but this one has a different finish: It is more moisturizing and leaves a hint of sheen. Staying power is very good, albeit the colors could leave a semi-permanent stain on your lips.  Don't worry, the stain goes away overnight.

 Berry Brilliant

Berry Brilliant is a wine shade with a pinky undertone and plain finish.

 Fuchsia Crystal
 Fuchsia Crystal is a deep fuchsia color with a slight berry undertone and micro glimmers. The glimmers aren't really noticeable once they're on your lips.

 Berry Brilliant and Fuchsia Crystal under natural lighting

Both colors have this violet-ish tone to them. Fuchsia Crystal is good for daytime, while Berry Brilliant is good for night time.


 Hear ye, hear ye. I am happy to announce that my beloved (and pricey) Nars Funny Face lipstick is somehow duped by Fuchsia Crystal! On this skin swatch, both colors look EXACTLY alike.

But on my lips, both lipsticks look slightly different from each other because both have different finishes: Nars is semi-matte while Maybelline is creamy. Nars' Funny Face has this unique blue glimmer, while Maybelline's Fuchsia Crystal has silver glimmer. If not for its glossy sheen, Fuchsia Crystal would've been the perfect dupe for Funny Face. But it's so close-for the first time, I have found a good alternative to Funny Face, one of my most favorite fuchsia shades. So if you want the gorgeous color of Funny Face without having to spend a fortune, grab Maybelline's Fuchsia Crystal!

I highly recommend this line because it's very affordable, yet the colors don't look cheap at all!

For more information about the ColorSensational Jewels line, please visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Both lipsticks look good on you Ms.M! Wishlisted :))

  2. wow this really is a wow,knowing it has violet-ish effect i prefer the berry brilliant, don't know why i prefer dark color nowadays. Looks very glamorous.^_^

  3. omg I love both colors! and the packaging is so pretty <3 I love that fuchsia crystal is a dupe for nars!! coool :D

  4. The colors look great, perfect for this time of the year! :)

  5. I have been loving this line of liptsicks soo much, I'm gonna get more soon. It actually smells like vanilla!



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  6. Oh wow! The maybelline lippie really surprised me! Will check this one out when I visit their counters! :D

  7. Jenny: Thank you! And great choice! :)

    Peachy Pink: Same here! :) Never knew they have good lippies pala! :)

    Raych: Was so glad to have found a dupe for Funny Face. At least I have an alternative once I run out of Funny Face...and cash! LOL!

    Czjai: True that! :)

    Purple Clandestine: Perhaps it is because of the season. :)

    Harmony: :)

  8. i love your dupe alerts!!! :) thanks for this, it's really a nice color and very affordable, i'll go with fuschia crystal <3<3<3

  9. Wow! I love the color! I've been fond of lipsticks nowadays because of you Ms. M! :D

  10. Fuchsia Crystal is a pretty color. I want it! .^_^.

  11. now who says only tisays can wear bright colors???i love that you are not scared of colors despite the colonial mentality mind set of some pinoys that only tisays can wear vivid colors and that morenas should stick to "natural" or "earth" colors! more power! have always been a fan of yours!

  12. Both shades are gorgeous!:) I would love to try the Fuchsia Crystal.. Does glossy sheen lipstick makes lips fuller and plumper? Thanks Ms. M!:) xoxo

  13. I'd like to try the Fuchsia Crystal! so pretty!

  14. I will certainly try this! Great review

  15. I've been dying to try Color Sensational's Berry Brilliant and the Amethyst one but I have a very rare jazz concert I'm saving up for. Siguro, after the concert na lang.

    I love dupes, really. I mean you get the same colour quality for a cheaper price.

  16. They both look gorgeous especially Fuchsia Crystal. :)


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