FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Matching your Eye and Lip Makeup

Hello everyone! Welcome to another informational edition of Fan Mail Fridays. Today, I am going to talk about the basic rules on matching your eye makeup and your lipstick. The question was sent in by Harmony. She asks:

Hi Ms. Martha!

I've always loved how you really take effort for fan mail fridays. Add that to the fact that your FOTD color combinations are simply gorgeous. I think it's best if I ask you for a little advice about eye colors and lip shades. So, to keep this simple, what eyeshadow colors match which lipstick shades? You see, I'm a makeup newbie and I don't want to end up looking like a clown or being pale as zombie. :D

Thanks for reading my mail! Stay glam and classy :)


Hi Harmony!

Thank you for the question. When it comes to mixing and matching colors, the possibilities are endless. But in all things, you have to understand the basic rules first before experimenting and venturing into a more advanced level.

Please take note that I've mixed my personal rules with the general rules.

Here are the basic rules:

1. Decide on what you want to emphasize: Eyes or Lips
- The principle of Color Contrast applies here. If you're sporting a pronounced lip, sport light eye makeup and vice versa.

2. Develop an eye for color combination
- You have to know which colors look best together. Here's a sample combination:

Blue-Rose Pink
Violet-Candy Pink
Black- Hot Pink

When pairing colors, refer to the principle of Color Contrast. (e.g. Bright blue eye makeup should be paired with light pink lips)

3. For beginners, start working with shades from a single color family
- For example, we have the color family Orange. Orange expands into various shades such as Peach, Salmon, and Coral. For a look that's so put together, work with various shades from a single color family. Again, decide whether you want a more pronounced lip or eyes.

Here's a more visual approach:




This is quite an advanced tip. I know some people who can't forego color on the lips even if they're wearing a pronounced eye makeup. If you're one of these people, make sure that the colors and their intensities are balanced. My personal technique is I choose midtone colors: On days where I want to sport pronounced eye makeup and lips, I go for colors that are not too warm and not too cool so the overall look would still be decent and not too shocking.

Additional tip: For this eye and lip makeup, go for a light contour on the cheeks or a pale blush. Don't go for pigmented blushes or else your makeup will appear too bold!


There are some occasions where dramatic eyes and lips are okay. On these occasions, go all out on your eye and lip makeup but make sure that the colors are complimenting each other. My personal technique with this look is I sport soft brows to prevent my look from looking too 'sharp'.

Additional tip: For this makeup look, a light contour will do. No need to wear blush!

There you go! I hope this helped you, Harmony. If you guys have anything to add to this tutorial, feel free to put them in the comment box below! :)

By the way, the rules here also apply to Lip and Blush combination. :)

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  1. Ms.M you're the best. I always learn on your fan mail Fridays.

  2. This is very helpful. Sometimes, I see myself struggling on color combinations. Now, I learned a lot and I am now ready to apply it. Thanks Ms. Martha!

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  4. Great tutorial! It's really helpful.. Thanks a lot!

  5. i reALLY LOve this post ms.martha.. i was like woaahh ganun pala un.. totoo lang hirap ako i-pair ang makeup sa lipstick so i always used nalang the nude-y pink or natural lips..thank u and i nonote ko talaga ung mga tips..

  6. I love this post soooooo much!!! It's really informative! Very helpful, indeed! :)


  7. Super helpful tips!:) Thanks Ms. Martha!:) I usually do the light eyes and pronounced lips!:) Love it!:)

  8. very informative! I love the last pic! for me usually red lips is hard to carry but then when we wear it right, it's so stunning! :)

  9. I love how you were able to balance bold eyes and bold lips without looking like a drag queen! That's a pretty hard task! you already :)

  10. Interesting. The rule I heard of was to match blush and lip color, and the eyes shouldn't match but instead simply go with the lip. Agree with the "choose what you want to emphasize" bit

  11. This is a wonderful entry! So helpful! Thanks Martha! :)

  12. Thanks for answering my mail :) will bookmark this.

  13. This is really helpful for me! I'm a beginner for doing eye make-up and I'm having a little problem on how to pair it with my lipstick. Thanks for this post! :)

  14. Diba, Ms. Martha, the basic rule in makeup is "Thou shall NOT play BOTH eyes and lips." Pero everyday, mina make sure ko na naka visit ako sa blog mo, to LEARN something new again. And you never fail us. I'm hooked to your blog and since I'm a new reader, I'm making sure that I get to read your older posts. ;) You're my favorite beauty blogger. You're always updated. And I love your HOW TO'S section here in your blog! Aside from learning makeup tips from YT, I didn't know I can learn by just reading your blog. I love you, Ms. Martha! ;) Stay gorgeous! Love, Thea xx

  15. nice post sis...ganda nung combination.^_^

  16. This is a great information! I also think that we should match the shade of the blush that we use based on what we're wearing on our lips to tie everything together:)

  17. Jenny: Thanks! :)

    Jean: Hi Jean! Actually, for blush and lip products, the colors should complement each other but both shouldn't clash with each other, same with the eye and lip makeup rules. :)

    Thea: Sweet! Thanks for being an avid reader too. :)

    Purple: Thanks! :)

    Gen-Zel: Glad you liked it! :)

    Harmony: welcome! :)

    Mapleapple: Thank you dear! :)

    Joyce: Hi there! :) Most pro makeup artists adhere to the eye-lip rule. :)

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    Mitchiekyuti: Thanks! :)

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    Gemnikka: Hello and thank you! :D

    Sincere: Agree! :)

    Kriselle: Hello and welcome to TBJ! Glad you liked it! :)

    Jhessica: Hehe.Now you know. :D

    Micmic: Hi there! :) Wow! Glad to know that this post has urged you to pick up that eyeshadow brush and start playing with eyeshadows! wee! :)

  18. i learned a lot from this! i always do the mistake of creating smoky eyes and bold lips... :'( i look matanda daw... so im changing it now, sometimes i just wear red lipstick and fix my brows and a little highlighter on my cheeks and nose. :)
    anyways, i really like the eye make-up for your midtone cool combination, i want to know how you did it! tutorial pls? :)

  19. I wish I could put on makeup the way you do. I've always been partial to bright lipsticks but I don't wear any eye makeup. I'd love to experiment on some of the colors you mentioned.

  20. wow, this is very informative! love this post! :) thanks for sharing your tips Miss Martha!


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