Gifts and Hauls+SM Privado Sale

November 1 and 2: The quietest days of November. It's literally like a ghost town here in our village because seems like everybody went to their respective provinces. So when Mr. Delivery guy had arrived today to deliver these packages, the day became a little interesting.

 Ooooh...A formal invitation to an event. It's nice to receive snail mails every now and then because at least some people still value the 'personal touch' in communication.

Baby Foot products brought to us by Baby Foot Philippines. I've read the instructions manual and it promises complete skin peeling. Sounds a little scary but I'll try it anyway because it is very, very interesting!

Hauls for my underarm regimen. :)

Finally, here's another batch of bling blings from SM Accessories:

 Layered pearl necklaces, gigantic pearl studs, and chandelier earrings.

Another layered necklace but this time, it has cube- shaped stones. It also comes with a complementing ring. I also got a three- layer gold bangle!

By the way, SM Accessories will have a nationwide luxury sale. Get awesome discounts on over 100 brands of premium jewelry, eyewear, and watches. Save the date!

Finally, check out this second teaser for SM Accessories Man. Do you know who he is? :)

Visit SM ACCESSORIES on Facebook for more information about the sale.

That's all! Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Ms. Martha!:) I use Asian Secrets and Kojie San too!:) Perfect combination!:) I love your blog!:) Been reading your previous blog posts today! Love it!:) I'm a Fan!:) yeeeey!:)

  2. hi ms. martha im an avid reader of your blog for a couple of months now and your blog is very informative and useful for a newbie like me. im using asian secret scrub and soap for my underarm too. my question is, do you scrub your pits with AS everyday?

  3. winner ang accessories! :) I use asian secrets too.. :)

  4. Jade: Hi Jade! Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment. :( Nov. 1 and 2 is all souls day and all saints day in the Philippines. These are national holidays and Filipinos flock to cemeteries to honor the dearly departed. Most Pinoys go to their respective provinces because most of their ancestors are buried there, while others seize it as an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. :)

    Sincere: Yup! :) My cabinet is so happy right now. :D

    Jenisse: Hello and nice meeting you here! :D Thanks for being an avid reader I really appreciate it. :) Nope, I only scrub my pits thrice a week, with rest days in between. :)

    Mitchie: Hello! Awww..thanks! It's always nice to have new readers. :D Enjoy your stay! :D

  5. Those pearls look lovely, Martha! And yeah, receiving snail mail invites are pretty nice. I'd rather have those instead of the canned 'Dear Blogger' email messages. :)

  6. weee! thank you so much for posting about the privado sale :D i'm so excited about this!

  7. Czjai: They all went to my mom 'cos she's the pearl person between the two of us. I know right! And sometimes, those 'dear blogger' emails are just asking for a favor! Oh c'mon! :p

    Raych: Yay! Can't wait to see your haul. :)


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