Review: Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Eye Colour in Aqua Pastel

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Eye Colour in Aqua Pastel

PRICE: P995.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's malls; Laura Mercier boutique, Glorietta 2, Makati City


I'm on a Pastel phase right now and I'm leaning towards fresh, springtime looks. (Duh. It's the rainy season, Martha!) I couldn't be any happier when I've received this baby from Laura Mercier. It's from the delightful Belle Nouveau collection. Incidentally, Aqua Pastel is my most favorite shade from the Sheer Creme Eye Colour collection.

I prefer traditional powdered eyeshadows but Aqua Pastel is just so lovely that I developed a deliberate desire for creme eyeshadow, which is so uncharacteristic of me.

 It comes in a small, lightweight, handy squeeze type tube.

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 Laura Mercier's creme eyeshadow deviates from the traditional potted gel cream eyeshadows: It is in liquid form with a moisturizer- like texture. Hygienically, this is the better option than the ones in pots, yet it is easy to go overboard with this one as I find that it is too concentrated. Have a look at the swatch photo on top: A teeny weeny drop spreads to an ultra pigmented layer. Needless to say, it is not for eyeshadow beginners.

HOW I APPLY IT: For this product, I rely on my most deft makeup tool: My index finger. I warm up a layer on the back of my hand, gently dab a sheer layer onto my lids, and spread it across my peepers.

Here is the product on my lids. It goes on sheer, given that you apply a sheer amount as well. Aqua Pastel is a fresh minty blue-borderline-green shade. It gives your look a very fresh, pretty, and youthful appeal. Laura Mercier's Sheer Creme Eye Colour shadows are waterproof: It stays put all day. However, upon initial application, you'd have to blend it quickly up to your desired finish before it sets because it won't budge anymore when it does.

I also use this along with the mint eyeshadow accent from Shu Uemura's Chocolat Donna Eyeshadow Palette in Mint and Vanilla, which leads this post to the application techniques of cream eyeshadows:

1. Use creme eyeshadow alone, and on top of or in conjunction with powder eyeshadow--This is the golden rule. Creme on creme won't work.
2. Apply creme eyeshadow on bare lids--not on top of any type of powder makeup. This will prevent the creme consistency from caking.
3. Most creme eyeshadows are waterproof so you won't need eye primers to help their staying power. But if you still want to use one, use a silicone type of eye primer.
4. Creme eyeshadows can help intensify sheer powder eyeshadows. Use the former as a base for the latter.

For variety, it's good that I have a creme eyeshadow. However, I won't buy any cream eyeshadow again unless I see a shade that I'll fall in love with.

The Beauty Junkee asks:

Do you like using creme eyeshadows? What are your personal application tricks?

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  1. Wow! A little goes a long way!:) I haven't really tried wearing pastel colored eyeshadows. I hope I have the confidence on sporting it too! HAHA!:) But I definitely agree that pastel colors can make a look "fresh looking"!:) Btw, I love the color!:) Lakas nga maka-spring!:p

  2. like what you said, it can be used as a base to intensify the color. that's what I try to do :)

  3. i like it coz its lightweight and handy,but yeah pastel colored eyeshadow will really do some drama in the eyes...looks so interesting.^_^


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