Review: Monotheme ioECO Carrot Shower Gel and Cucumber Body Lotion

Here's a review on ioECO's Carrot Shower Gel and Cucumber Body Lotion

PRICE: Shower Gel- Around P395.00 Body Lotion- Around P495.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's Malls


Carrots are valued for their nourishing effect on the skin, specifically dry skin. It's very rich in Vitamin A and Potassium, an excellent mineral that prevents dry skin. Carrots, when used religiously, can also help lighten skin pigmentations in the long run.

This body wash is heaven sent to someone who has dry skin around the body. (That's me!)

Most shower gels leave my skin taut and dry, and I appreciate how this shower gel would leave a thin, moist barrier on my skin after every shower. I would still have to apply body lotion afterwards to keep my skin from flaking, but it's nice to know that this shower gel does not contribute to its dryness.

It has a very faint citrus scent and it lathers up pretty well, even if it does not have SLS and SLES.

 THIS! ioECO's Cucumber lotion is perhaps the best smelling cucumber lotion I have ever known. Blame it on Bath and Body Works--They have set the benchmark for Cucumber- scented products with their Cucumber Melon fragrance and unfortunately, most brands have followed suit and all "Cucumber- scented" bath and body products more or less smell like Bath and Body Works'.

ioECO's Cucumber lotion is a fresh and milky composition. Its fragrance also has this watery appeal, and it sorta' resembles the taste of cucumbers (Hahaha. I know. It's weird to know that I can actually 'taste' lotion.) At last, there's a cucumber lotion that does not smell anything like BABW's Cucumber Melon.

I also love the fact that the bottle comes with a pump: It's easier to use, and the rest of the product remains untouched before use.

The lotion is a semi- thick lotion that doesn't feel greasy and 'hot' on the skin. It gets absorbed quickly, and it leaves my skin with a very energizing citrus-floral scent. It leaves my skin soft, and it doesn't have to reapplied during wear because it stays intact all day long, not unless you have severely dry skin.

The brand has facial cleansers and shampoos too.

 ioECO is also earth friendly: They're all made with natural ingredients, ethically sourced and manufactured, and made with unnecessary packaging. It's not only good for eco-chic peeps, but for people who have sensitive skin as well.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's my problem with shower gels too, they're too drying. But I'll try this! :D

  2. i like anything in cucumber :)
    can you do a blog post on lipstains? thakyou~!

  3. i like anything in cucumber :)
    can you do a blog post on lipstains? thakyou~!

  4. Rizza: Hi there! Go ahead dear. It's really awesome. :)

    Jenny: Hi there! I have reviewed a couple already. :) You can check out Benefit, Herbench, and Tony Moly in the archive. :)

  5. I really don't know but whenever I use shower gels, I get pimples on my back... :(

    This is different though, because it's made of Carrot! really GOOD for skin.. I'll try.. :) ♥

  6. did it cause any itchiness on your skin?


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