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Here's a review on The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil

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My major breakout happened sometime in July of this year. Those darn zits were literally on a popping spree: Day after day and one by one, they kept on showing up on my skin's surface. Que horror! I wanted to put an end to that breakout so bad, that I literally used anything that says "get rid of your zits overnight" on the label. One of these products is The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil, which I will talk about today.

 FYI, this product is apparently tagged as one of the best- selling products in the world. According to the brand, this product gets sold in the world every 1.X seconds. (Sorry, forgot the actual number. Please forgive my memory. But all I know is that it sells like pancakes!) The statistics are pretty impressive so buy it, I did.

Let's scrutinize the packaging: I don't really understand why they had to put the product in a hard-to-use glass bottle that's exactly the same as the ones used for aromatherapy oils--Ya know, the ones used with burners to make your room smell nice? One time, my mom had accidentally mistaken this product as an aromatherapy oil and she almost emptied the entire thing in one of our burners. Ack! Also, if anyone from the mother company reads this post, please consider changing the packaging into something with a pump or an atomizer to make the whole thing easier to use. 

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So here's the product. Tea Tree Oil is literally like clear water: from its consistency to its texture, except that it reeks of a strong, acidic, and intoxicating smell. To those who are concerned about the smell, don't worry, it goes away after a while.

How I work it: Nothing fancy- I just pour it onto my palm, dip my clean finger in the small puddle, and proceed with spot concealing. Q tips are very much welcome.

Initially, the product imparts a slight stinging sensation that may last up to a minute. It's not really painful but then again, it depends on the level of your pain tolerance. It gets absorbed quickly by the skin, which is a very good thing to me because unlike other creamy spot treatments, I don't have to wait forever for this one to dry up before I go to sleep.

A day after my first application, I've noticed that one of my huge zits had flattened for a bit. Promising! On the second day, it was flattened some more. I though to myself: "This product was supposed to 'zap zits in a flash' as advertised, but seems like it's taking some time. Well, at least it was working! It's better than getting nothing at all!

Sadly, the promising effects lasted for only two days. I still gave it a shot and used it for three, four, five more days and even for a month, but it was unsuccessful in eliminating any of my zits, except that it has flattened most of them for just a wee bit. :(

What was the problem? Well, my hypothesis was my skin may not be responsive to Tea Tree Oil. The product could be great, but it's not for my skin. I guess that's the best explanation for that. I have a friend who loves this product-and the entire line as well-to bits because according to her, it literally keeps her acne- prone face acne- free. There are also other beauty bloggers who really dig this product but sadly, I'm not one of them. :(

Overall, I guess it will work best on small zits, given that the skin of the user responds well to Tea Tree Oil, or is highly responsive to any product. Well, you won't know unless you try so conduct a patch test first before purchasing.

How I wish this product has worked on me. I've been looking for a product to alternate with Salicylic Acid and so far, Tea Tree Oil is my best bet because it's non- acidic. 

Oh well, I guess I should stick to Salicylic Acid because my face seems happy with it!

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I miss using this one! My long gone HS



  2. Hello Martha! Great seeing you at the SNOE Event. I have this before, nagulat ako sa price nasa 500+ na pala. Nasa 300+ lang kasi to before. Hindi ko sure kung effective kasi parang so so lang sa pagpapaliit ng pimples.

  3. Tea tree oil has been one of the main ingredients nga for pimple control stuff. I'm not a fan of the scent but this could be worth trying cos I know someone who might need it. Will ask her to try this out. It might work on her. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  4. omg grabe lang yung nasayang ni mother. i honestly trust your reviews:) <3

  5. This did not work for me and my hubby too. He broke out badly. Some are not hiyang to tea tree oil..

  6. hi miss martha! Because of the hype, i wanted to use this product but sadly it's pricey for a 10ml product housed in a not so attractive bottle like what you said. LOL But fortunately while we were in fairview for a sleep over we waited at sm fairview first and while i was strolling, it was happiness,haha.. TBS tea tree oil was on sale, not only sale but buy 1 take 1.. so without hesitation i bought it and used it that night, and my big zit flattened.. and after almost 4 days it was gone... i'm not pimple prone but somehow there's a time in my life that they are showing up and raging like a bull. LOL like the abnormal weather we have now. Good thing i have this for emergency remedies. I used it also for insect bites and time to time skin itchiness. -patty

    1. San pong store sa smf nyo nabili ?

  7. I'll keep this product in mind if ever magka prob ako sa pimples! hehe.. I agree with your thoughts sa packaging.. Hope mabasa ng TBS.. hehe.


  8. Iya: Haha! I know. It even came in a packaging with a vintage- looking label!

    Mitchie: Thanks dear! Let me know how it works on you :)

    Patty: Hi Patty! :) Thanks for sharing! Happy that it worked for you. And thanks for sharing about the insect bite tip. I will definitely try that. :D

    Ria: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your honest comment! :)

    Gellie: Welcome! Hope it works on her! :D

    Kath: Nice seeing you in the event as well! Yeah, it was mildly effective but sadly, it's not what I need. :p

  9. Hi! Since it didn't work, what products are you using right now to keep your acne at bay? I've been battling adult acne for 2 mos now. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  10. Hi! So what products are you using right now to keep your acne at bay?

  11. Ive been battling adult acne for 2 mos now. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  12. Camille: Hi, Mario Badescu has been working tremendously well for me. It's my go- to brand whenever a breakout happens. :)

  13. Due to the pimple breakout I am having these days, I did wrote TBS TTO in my list, but its so pricey for 10ml. Then I saw this review, now my hesitation doubled. Can you suggest me some products that can get rid out of my pimples overnight? Those that are affordable for students like me? I am so worried for this coming holiday parties. :( Thabk you so much in advance.

  14. I bought almost the entire line the scrub, facial wash, toner, serum and the mattefying lotion. Sadly parang di ako hiyang Pinipimple pa ako. :( nakakaiiyak kasi super mahal din niya. :(

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