My Top 5 Christmas Lip Products

 Just wanna share to everyone some of my favorite lip products this season. I use the five alternately everyday because they just give my face that cheery, holiday vibe.

The common denominator with these lippies is they're all moisturizing: They are all comfortable to wear, and provide soothing relief to my lips the whole day! This magic 5 is quite heaven sent to someone who has freakishly dry lips!

 Guerlain Shine Automatique in Sous Le Vent
Good for: Daytime

-This baby is the perfect lipstick to go with a fresh, and dewy look. The hint of sparkle in it gives the barely there color a subtle sparkling effect--it's quite catchy, but never over-the-top. I particularly love it for its watery consistency that keeps my lips emollient, and looking plump and healthy the whole day.

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Lipstick in Chili Pepper
Good for: Daytime

- One of the best daytime reds in my opinion because of the softness of its color--I could even say that it's a youthful kind of red! It perks up any dull face, and is quite easy to wear as well. It has a soft, melting consistency, and the oil extracts in it keeps any rough patches tamed all throughout the day.

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Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Tamera
Good for: Nighttime

- My alternative to true red and vampy lipsticks. It's actually red, but with a strong brown undertone. Unlike the sheer boldness and strong appeal of true reds, this lipstick just gives my face a warm, homely appearance. It has a nice buttery texture too!

Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss in Candy Apple
Good for: Daytime and Nighttime

- One of my unique lip products so far because it has oodles of chunky red glimmer! This lovely ruby red shade is quite a chameleon: Its glossy finish gives it a fresh, youthful look and makes it apt for daytime, and the depth of its color makes it great for nighttime as well. What's even greater is that it has the moisturizing prowess of a lipgloss, but with the staying power of a lipstick!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Good for: Daytime and Nighttime use, depending on the color

- Whenever I like it easy and fuss- free, I just tote this chubby stick along with me. It practically fits in any space, and I could even pop it in my pocket for instant retouching. This particular shade is called Smitten, and I am utterly smitten by the beautiful plum shade!  It has a minty sensation that plumps my lips for a teeny bit while its balmy consistency moisturizes them for the entire day. Staying power is awesome too!

There you go! How about you guys? What lip products are you currently loving this season? :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ive been looking for smitten for weeks now and all the sa told me its out of stock in revlon warehouse itself! ggrr i really want to try it out it looks promising!

  2. I love revlon just bitten, youre correct MS M, theyre so timely for the holidays.

    i wouldve thought sinama mo din un chapstick candy cane flavor?

  3. Hi Martha! i like Guerlain among the five it's perfect for a smokey eye. I wonder what's your top five pink lip product though :)

  4. So this Revlon one of the best?long lasting isn't it? is it available at Watsons?

  5. oohh.. I wanna try the Revlon one :)

  6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is love! :) ♥

  7. I'm curious about the Snoe one! But I actually want all the Lime Crime glosses, argh! Haha


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