Review: The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour in Flushed

Here's a review on The Body Shop's All-In-One Cheek Colour in Flushed

Price: Around P900.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all The Body Shop stores


If you're a fan of the All-In-One range of the body shop, might as well go and check out the All-In-One Cheek Colour, one of the newest additions to this best- selling range.

To those who are completely new to the All-In-One range, it is comprised of skincare- based makeups infused with the goodness of Marula Oil, an extract from the Marula Tree. It is highly valued for its Oleic Acid content, an essential extract that helps maintain healthy skin.

 It comes in a lightweight plastic case with a transparent dome- shaped cover, which enables you to see the actual shade of the product.

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 If compared to The Body Shop's classic Cheek Colours, this one is more buttery, richer, and creamier which is perhaps due to its Marula Oil content. The oil helps so well in the color payoff of this product--I find that of all The Body Shop's blushes, this one is the most pigmented-It is definitely not for the heavy hand, nor the feeble hearted. :D

 Flushed is a peachy-pink shade with lots of chunky gold glimmer. The glimmers are very obvious on the pan and when applied on the skin, it yields a golden sheen that could make skin look a little oily if application goes overboard.

Application Tip: Dab a blush brush on the pan, tap off any excess, dab the brush with the blush on your cheeks, clean your blush brush to take off any excess powder, then blend the blush thoroughly on your skin. I find that this technique helps control the coverage of the blush, and lets me achieve a clean and moderated finish.

 Color- wise, Flushed is comparable to a variety of popular peachy pink blushes such as Nars Orgasm and Shiseido's Camellia Compact: Orgasm leans a little too cool, Camellia leans a little too warm, and Flushed is in between the two: It is a midtone peachy pink shade, yet it leans a little too pink. I think this is quite a universal shade, and it will fit both fair and dark skin tones.

Flushin' with Flushed!

Staying power is pretty good in spite of its oil content: It sits on my cheeks for a good 5 hours. Take note that I have oily skin, and this product has persisted. It is unscented, which is a great plus too. It can be used as an eyeshadow as well! I recommend it to ladies with dry skin because the moisturizing consistency of the powder will tame those flaky parts of your cheeks. It can be good for ladies with oily skin as it lasted long on me, but it depends on the degree of your oiliness. Better road test it on your skin first prior to purchasing.

This product is good, and I think it is an affordable dupe of some pricey peachy pink blushes out there. I think it's a pinker version of Nars Orgasm as well, although I don't see it as a good dupe of the latter. I guess it's safe to say that if you're looking for a good peachy pink blush but find Nars Orgasm a little too light for you, then check out this product. And if you dislike the fact that this shade has shimmers, check out Macaroon, a matte but lighter version of this shade.

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  1. Thank you for this review, I was eyeing this product now but I'm still having second thoughts. Maybe I'll check out Macaroon one of these days. ;))

  2. Love the flush!,,looks good on you martha!

  3. Looks nice on you! =) Love the glow

  4. This blush is part of the prizes I won from Shen's Addiction. Now I use it everyday, very flattering. Still remember me Martha? The girl from Resort's World. Not really from RW, but you get it. haha

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  5. wowowo parang summery ang skinm dto ms m! though im not sure if i want something dewy on my skin as it may accentuate d pit scars

  6. wow ang perfect! it looks very natural on you! yay perfect for oily skin!

  7. hi ms martha! you're makeup looks very simple and pretty in the last photo. I think the blush suits you well :) If I may ask, anong lip product ang gamit mo in the last photo, it look good with the blush.

  8. pretty mo here Ms. Martha.
    I also aficionada of Body Shop:)apir!:)


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