Review: Laura Mercier Lip Glacés

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Lip Glacés in Bijoux, Bare Blush, and Brownberry

PRICE: These are from the Mini Lip Glacé holiday collection (P1,950.00)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's malls


As you all know, I'm not a lipgloss person but it's not as if I completely hate them. I just prefer lipstick over lip gloss most of the time but every now and then, I use the latter for a little variety in my look.

One of the lipgloss brands I like is Laura Mercier (actually, there are only two brands that I like and the other one is Benefit) because their lip gloss is quite comfortable and easy to wear. Most importantly, it does not feel too sticky at all!

The tubes I have are part of the Mini Lip Glacé collection for Laura Mercier Holiday 2012. I actually like the size of these because they're easier to carry: I just pop it in my makeup bag or purse, and it doesn't eat too much space. I can even bring the three with me but without the bulk at all. By the way, the Lip Glacés come in bigger, regular- sized tubes as well. I'm fine with these mini versions because I rarely finish up a huge tube of lipgloss. Regarding the packaging, the glossies come in a sleek, no-fuss, and elegant tube--Just the way I like it.

 The Lip Glacés have doe foot applicators.

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- A very sheer champagne shade with chunky yellow-white glimmers.

 Bijoux is my least favorite among the three because it does not show up on my lips at all. It's a good lipstick topper though, and the glimmers also help give an illusion of bigger lips.


A pale, nude beige shade

 Bare Blush is a good lipgloss to pair with smokey eye looks, although I wish it were a wee bit tinted. Nevertheless, I like the way it blurs my fine lines and how it gives my lips a soft look. It's a very delicate and pretty color. It's also a good lipstick topper, especially on nude lipsticks.


- A toasty brown shade with a hint of glimmer.

This is my most favorite shade among the three because it's nearly opaque, and it gives my lips a good dose of color. (I still like me lipgloss with a hint of color) It's a lovely warm shade that compliments my tan skin tone, and it's great to wear on laid-back days and when you just want to look fresh. 

The lip glosses have a uniform texture and feel: Moisturizing, lightweight, and never sticky. Well, it goes on a bit sticky at first but its consistency softens up after a few hours of wear and it becomes more tolerable and smoother. I like! However, staying power is not so good: It comes off after a good 2-3 hours of wear-It's a known issue with lip gloss so it's no biggie, at least to me.

If you're going to ask me, the Lip Glacés are pretty worth it because it's one of the most tolerable lip glosses out there, but I think it's best to go for the mini versions because it offers more variety. If you love lip glosses, I would recommend this product to you.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the BIJOUX shade. Great for everyday wear :)

  2. I'm not a lipgloss person, because I don't want sheer stuff on my lips,because I have pigmented lips, but I think this are opaque enough...wish they were much much cheaper tho!...

  3. Brownberry is the prettiest shade because I also like lip glosses with a hint of color :)

  4. Yey! I'm a lip gloss person and among the three I think Bare Blush suits my skin tone. But for P1,950 a pop? quite expensive for a small product. i'd better buy a MAC lipstick for that matter but if there's an alternative close to its consistency and is more affordable, why not?

  5. what about the all about the smell? the brownberry perfect for morenas like us.

  6. Jan mitchelle: And for fair-skinned ladies too! :)

    Jenny: Thanks for bringing that up. :) I forgot to include it. It has a light vanilla scent. :)

    Arianne: Thanks for sharing! 1,950.00 for a set of five mini lip glacés. I think that's pretty worth it considering that the quality is pretty good. The bigger ones, I think, are at P1,000.00+ :)

    Issa: same here! :)

    Dappletheworld: Same sentiments! :)

  7. wow! i should try this!it was awesome to you,perfect for morena skin like me..:)


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