Review: Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Here's a review on Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo

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Are you guys familiar with the movie Mystery Men? To those who know it, I'm sure you'll all agree that it is one hilarious and fantastic movie! To those who are not familiar with it, Mystery Men is about a group of grown-ups who have always wanted to become superheroes. I won't go into detail about its story because I really recommend that you guys watch it! Anyway, the Mystery Men had this superhero named Invisible Boy, and his power is he could go invisible to the naked eye....but only if nobody is looking! LOL! Amongst all the superheroes of Mystery Men, Invisible Boy is my favorite because he is the guy who really gets the job done!

I thought of Invisible Boy because I am thoroughly enjoying Snoe's Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder of late. Just like Invisible Boy, this clear cleanser delivers so well, especially when it comes to getting rid of nasty oil on my scalp.

Oil removes oil--this is a golden rule. It applies to anything even to skin and hair care. Invisible Wonder is made with Macadamia and Avocado Oil, two precious oils that mimic the natural sebum on your scalp, and takes away any unwanted oil. If you're concern is if it will make your hair oilier than what it already is, nope, not this one because it doesn't have silicone and cream in it, the culprits behind greasy hair as these ingredients aggravate the oil that is already present on your scalp.

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Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder has this delicious chocolate scent that lingers in your hair the whole day. It promises to restore hair integrity by repairing damaged cuticles for smoother hair.

I really love this product because of its luscious smell, and how it lathers up well despite the fact that it is Sulfate- free. It rinses out easily too, albeit I find that it makes my hair a little stiff in the shower, which is contrary to what it promises so I follow it up with conditioner always. But when my hair is finally dry, it feels so smooth and soft. I've been suffering from oily scalp and greasy hair lately due to the frakkin' hot weather and this shampoo has solved my problem--it just takes out any excess oil from my hair, and its silicone and cream- free formulation makes my hair feel lightweight and bouncy!

I recommend it to people who have dry hair as the oils in it will soften your strands, and those with oily hair because it will rid your scalp of any excess sebum!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. From the looks on a bottle it looks like a clarifying shampoo good thing it doesn't dry your hair ms. martha. Their honey olive clementine is on sale, i must grab one of those. Snoe somehow delivers really good products. It may seem too pricey but judging from the cute/catchy package and products that delivers good results, all is well spent (based on my purchases hihi) need to buy those on sale before the year ends ;)

  2. Patty: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Glad to know you're loving Hair Heroes because I equally love it as much as you do! However, for honey olive clementine, I heard through the grapevine that Snoe will phase this out soon so better stock up on it now! :D

  3. i never heard of that movie, grr ill definitely gonna watch it with my young siblings, i think they will like it, it sounds cool!
    I really love snoe from lip balm to lotion to bb cream, i cannot find something bad to say to their products.
    i have a very dry scalp~ i want to try this but naaah~ but my sister's hair is very oily ill definitely rave it to her~ :)

  4. mis m anong beter s cleansing uto or un honey olive clementine?

  5. I just tried this earlier. It smells like mint chocolate <3

  6. Agree on the scent!! I love its chocolate-y smell! :D and yes, I find and feel my scalp really clean (no build-up) because its a clear shampoo :) recommended as well! :D

  7. @aya im a follower of irs. can u also pls do a review of da shampoo? or since sabi m nmn one licky reader ang mananalo ng. snoe loot would u like me to review it for u ? hharharhar just kidding. anyway im really lemming for this kaya lang mbili ko n un hair heroes extreme frst try ko palang xa. medyo mahal nmn kc angga conditioners na to sayang naman may 2 pko hair heroes intense tas 1 extewme.

  8. Snoe products indeed, thay've the great rare items. I want to try it okay while you have a coloured hair?


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