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The BF and I share this genuine love for Persian cuisine because we always find diet- friendly yet good- tasting meals here. Besides that, it's everywhere and we always get full and satisfied without having to spend a fortune.

In the Ortigas area, Behrouz is our favorite-it's an authentic Persian cuisine. They close late, which makes it a great choice for the both of us who always finish with work late in the evening!

PRICE RANGE: P100.00-P400.00

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BTO Hummus: Beef, Tomato, and Onion on top of creamy hummus. Hummus could be a bit tiring to eat but if topped with Keema- style meat, it tastes great!

Ox Brain: This is not particularly healthy so the BF and I would only eat this on Cheat Days. It's so good with white rice!

Moutabal: Liquefied eggplant. It's a great alternative to rice!

Basmati Rice: Ah, one of the best things in this restaurant! Basmati Rice is a great treat to dieters who could use a little happiness from white rice: It has a low glycemic index, meaning it only yields half the amount of carbs as opposed to regular white rice. Basmati Rice, however, is quite pricey but at Behrouz, it ain't!

Taka: Grilled Beef Tenderloin. Juicy, steak- like meat for only P120.00 per stick? WHY NOT!??! I like Behrouz's Taka because it's very affordable yet fairly tender and yummy.

Lamb Chops: I think this only costs P350.00 or P450.00. It's very juicy and tender, albeit a little fatty in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's good!

We ate here during his birthday, and a few days before the end of the world hence his 'Last Supper'. Your eyes are not fooling you: He ate everything that was in front of him! Sorry, hunny, the Mayan prediction was a complete hoax so I guess you'd have to amp up your workout! :D

Do you love Persian cuisine? What are your favorite Persian restaurants? Here are the BF and I's favorites, depending on the budget. :D

Premium: Hossein's
Mid-range: Behrouz; Mr. Kebab; Persia Grill
Cheap: Ababu

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't tried Persian Cuisine before I have this perception of arabo smell to their dishes and I also abhor eating Shawarma. I know of friends who love Persian Cuisine though! will definitely ask them if they're familiar with this particular resto and if their dishes will pass my discriminating taste.

  2. Hi Ms. Martha! I think I saw you at CBTL BHS last Friday night. OM! You are gorgeous! I wanted to approach you and ask for a picture (fan mode lang hehe) but you looked busy working on something with your netbook/laptop. Next time I see you I hope you're just strolling around so I won't be too shy to ask for a photo op. Hehe!

  3. omg i ive read this in midnight and now im hungry! (false hunger-water mode :p)
    ive never heard of this restaurant~
    but i think this is a good restaurant, i lvoe the eggplant, i think ill be doing that at home :)

  4. Yanny: Thanks for sharing! I've outgrown shawarma though. But the other dishes are yummy, although the arabo smell you mentioned, I think, is really prominent in their cuisine. :)

    Ann U: Hey there! Yes! I was at Coffeebean Tea and Leaf last Friday! :) Sayang! You should've approached me! :D I was actually bored and was blogging lang naman. Next time then! :)

    Jenny: Thanks for sharing dear! :D

  5. yeah the arabo smeall is very prominent in their cuisine, also good in Persian Kebab rest.:)

  6. my partner and I love persian cusine since we had our first official date in Mr . Kabab teehee :)

  7. I have an appreciation for Persian and Indian food. I don't know where it stems, seeing as most of my family members do not like those cuisines. That said, the bummer is that I can never get them to go with me. At least, my culinary friends share the appreciation.


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