Throwback Tuesdays: On Childhood and Fine Jewelry

When I was younger, I only wore fine jewelry. Not because I was a show- off, but because my skin was very sensitive to fancy jewelry: I tried wearing a pair of danglers with silver- plated hooks one time and the next day, my ears went completely red, and the earring hole was excreting this foul- smelling pus and blood. Since then, my mother would not allow me to wear fancy jewelry. It was only now that I have been wearing them often because I have already outgrown that skin sensitivity. (Thank God!)

Until now, I still keep some of these fine jewelries and they’re my oldest accessories. I never really bothered to neither look at nor use them because they’re not “in” anymore, at least to me. There they sit-the jewelries that defined my childhood-in the obscure, dark, and cold area of my dresser.

Just last week, Karat World has sent me a lovely gift. Karat World is one of the leading distributors and makers of fine jewelry in the country. They have been around for over 20 years, making and producing precious jewelries for the Filipino people’s most precious moments.

It’s a small gold cross pendant in a contemporary cut and style, yet with an elegant look and feel. As I gaze at this wonderful present, I am suddenly reminded of how much I loved my fine jewelries back when I was a child, and why these things weren’t called precious for nothing. Allow me to be a little nostalgic as I go through my small and humble fine jewelry collection.

When I was little, I was always told that I have my own guardian angel, but didn’t really believe that crap because my counter question has always been: “How come? I don’t see it!” Perhaps to take the rebel out of me and to solidify my Catholic values, mom had given me this Guardian Angel necklace made from yellow gold. I think it’s also meant to make me quit asking those irreverent questions. But what mom didn’t know is, I really believed in Guardian Angels because I know that I have always had one around me—and it’s her. :D (Cheeessyy mode!)

 When I was in grade school, my grandmother had passed down this vintage pair of Rositas to me. She used to tell me that a lady is never without a pair of pearls, and she would always ask me to wear this pair every time I’d go to school. On the other hand, mom gave me this pair of diamond stud earrings when I graduated from grade school. This is the most memorable pair for me as she bought it after she got a promotion at work.

Since my mother also knew that Pearls are essential to a woman, she gifted me this pair of Pearl earrings and ring from Mikimoto after graduating from high school. I was born in June, and my birthstone is Pearl, so I guess that’s the reason why my grandma and mum would always tell me to wear ‘em. Whatever reason there is, it is undeniable that Pearls look lovely on a woman that’s why I love them.

 In one of my um-teen birthdays, my mum had given me this nameplate necklace made from white gold. She had it made by her jeweler friend who resides in Paris. It was my ultimate favorite simply because I was a vain child and nothing’s vainer than wearing your name made from white gold right around your neck. LOL! :D It is pretty short for my neck now because I was a little smaller when I got this. I’m thinking of changing its chain to something longer so it would fit my present size perfectly, but I’m still half- hearted about it because it will lose its significance once I alter it. Ah, attachment!

Lastly, I have this 10- year old cross made from white gold. I chose it as one of my birthday gifts many years ago perhaps because it’s natural for a Catholic to wear something that symbolizes their faith or reminds them of it, at the very least. However, I’m not really a conservative Catholic—I guess it’s just a force of habit. Besides, I like crosses—there’s something so striking about them.

This gold cross pendant from Karat World has just made me realize once again that fine jewelry will always have something that fancy, dressy, and elaborate accessories don’t have: Value. Fine Jewelry is timeless: These fad-ulous accessories our generation is enjoying now will sooner or later lose their value but fine jewelry will never lose theirs. Add to that, they are also investments and more importantly, you can pass them on to your children that in turn will teach them an important lesson on responsibility. Ah! Shame on me for forgetting these babies!

Simply elegant--just the way I like it. I might as well go and ask Karat World if they could extend my nameplate necklace, and reproduce the exact chain on it.

I shall end this post with some cool news:

Karat World is also treating everyone to a holiday blast.

For a minimum purchase, you can avail any of Karat World’s Gift Rewards: Choose from any of the available perks ranging from food to lifestyle packages. Each Gift Reward has a corresponding amount of purchase.

So if you’ve been meaning to get your mom, dad, wife, husband, best friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend some fine jewelry, just head to Karat World for your big buy. You definitely won’t regret it especially because you’ll also get something awesome in return!

How about you? What fine piece of jewelry would you like to get for yourself or your loved ones this Xmas? If I could, I would get my mom a studded Emerald necklace in yellow gold chain because she utterly loves the combination of the two.

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  1. i love wearing cross pendants! i dunno, but i simple feel safer whenever i'm wearing one. and would you believe, i have this cross pendant (i lost the chain, waaah) under my pillow?

    lovely gift you have there, mars!

  2. bet you had such a nice childhood :)

  3. aww love d jewelries! yes ur ryt wvery woman should have a pearl accessory. love ir accessories ma m. i love how u paired d gold cross woth ur round pendant

  4. i use to wear cross jewelry too, my mom gave us on our grade school graduation, i wish i can see it again, my mom hid it somewhere her jewelry box.

  5. good choice Martha!
    'd also have earrings form Karat world, and it lasted long, until now I used it and I'm glad it's not fading.


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