Nail Art Tutorial: Easy Peasy Leopard Nails

Hi folks! Time for another nail art tutorial. I'm channeling my favorite animal print on my nails this time.


Base Coat
Base Polish (The color depends on you, but make sure it's the lightest among the rest)

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Step 1: Paint your nails with the base coat and base polish. Let it dry for at least 3 minutes.

Afterwards, start creating the leopard spots. Here are the things you'll need:

Colorful polishes (Around 3 or 4, and the shades depend on your preference)
Plain Black Polish

Old gel liner brush

Step 2: Randomly dot colored polishes on the base polish. The dots don't have to be perfect, but make sure application is clean.

Step 3: Using the tip of your gel liner brush, dip it lightly in black polish and create fragmented circles around the colorful spots.

Step 4: Let your nail art dry thoroughly before sealing with a top coat.

Voila! Here it is!

This nail art only took less than 30 minutes to finish! It's a quick way to glam up your nails in half the time and effort. :)

Keep on checking back for easy nail art tutorials like this one!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh I love this! I'm sure I'm gonna replicate it this week or so. Perfect for Sinulog! I love how colorful it is. Animals prints can't get off the trend that easy :) Love it to bits! Thanks for this nail art tutorial Ms. M! Are you feeling better now? :)

  2. wow..super easy're an expert..I hope I can try this without the messy one.;)

  3. Looks so neat kaya lang i cant draw on my right nails- ive always used konad stamp for nail art and it has never failed to catcatch peoples attention,

  4. Very easy to do pala to. Thanks, Martha!

  5. I never really like Caronia's nail polishes except their kwik-dry,Nail Hardener&Base Coat and Top coat. I preferred one color polish on my nails mas neat tingnan for me :)

  6. Sooo cute.I want to try this but I can't even paint my right nails. :( This is a very nice tutorial coz you used affordable products. I hope you can make a video version of this on your Youtube. :)

  7. ill try this asap! yay!!!!! tyty for sharing this!

  8. Thanks for sharing this tutorial Ms. Martha :) Will try this next week kasi puro plain colors lang alam kong i-paint :P

  9. Desire: Glad you liked it! Yes, I'm much better now thank you for the concern. :)

    Ohms: Thank you! But I still have more nail arts to do before I can truly call myself an expert. :)

    Miz eloise: Same here because I'm a rightie. I just taught my left hand to apply polish! :D

    Gellie: Welcome! :D

    Jenny and Orlaine: You're welcome girls! :D

    Kate: Will try! :D


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