Review: Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise

Here's a review on Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L'Exquise

Price: Around P3,000.00+ for a 50ml bottle
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Rustan's and SM Department Stores


When I've learned that this perfume was inspired by the Medici family's Boboli Gardens of the 16th Century, it just reminded me of the same patch of nature that we used to have. (but it ain't as huge as the Boboli Gardens!) Let me share a lil' something about it:

When I was younger, my grandmothers used to have this farm in Laguna. (Our family sold it, unfortunately, because nobody could take care of it any longer) If I remember it clearly, it was a 10- hectare property with tons of towering Coconut trees, fragrant exotic flowers, (my grandmothers loved exotic flowers with a passion), grass, and a bevy of plants. There was also this big, square bungalow- type house made from Bamboo and other native materials situated at the center of the farm-its where two of my grandmothers have spent the rest of their lives. 

Every summer, my family and I would go to this place just to unwind and recharge for work and the incoming school year. As I write this piece, I could vividly recall the crisp, clean, and fresh aroma emanating from the farm's lush greenery, and how much I enjoyed running around the place, playing hide and seek with my brother and cousins until sunset.

This perfume just immediately transports me to that fun part of my childhood. Ah, how I wish we could reclaim that land again. If I have billions of pesos right now, I'll definitely buy it back because it is so significant to me! But life's like that--there are things that you should let go as you grow. But at least the buyer of the land seemed like a good man, and he's had a good background in farming and land cultivation so I'm pretty sure that that Laguna farm is still doing great, just like how we left it 13 years ago.

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L'Exquise is the fresh counterpart of the first Jasmine Noir, which is a bold, seductive scent.

Top note is a zesty mix of Pomelo and Grapefruit. The heart is made of Tea and Jasmine, giving it a mild and calm appeal. The base note is touched by the goodness of Musk and Cedar.

 I love this fragrance in a personal kind of way, but I'd have to be nitpicky here because this is a product review: The development of the fragrance is not really noteworthy because it almost ended up like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, but the Grapefruit note saved it and made it smell a little fresher than the latter. It would've been lovely as well if the Jasmine note were a little stronger so as to give it a more feminine touch because as it is, it could pass off as a unisex scent, at least to me. 

On a positive note, this watery fragrance stays airy and crisp all throughout which makes it a great choice for daytime wear, laid-back days, and summertime. And for an EDT, it surprisingly lasts! It's for the woman with a carefree, sunny attitude, and those who are looking for a fresh and energizing citrus-floral fragrance with good staying power.


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  1. I eny you for having this, hihi
    but it looks like my Giorgio Armani perfume, it also has a citrus floral fragrance and same way packaging with the Bvlgari. Nice one Ms. M!

  2. honestly, i cant imagine a product how it smells like just by reading it, heheeh, my olfactory sense is not that well trained. anyway, naamoy ko na to and to me parang it smells like flowers, parang offbeat sampaguita. im still on the prowl for a signature scent.

  3. Eloise and Ohms: Thank you for your thoughts dearies!

  4. Awww. Nakakatuwa naman yung childhood story mo Ms. Martha. I can feel how relaxing that farm was. I wish something like that is open for public so everyone could have a chance to unwind and recharge. ;)


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