Review: Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT

Here's a review on Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT

Price: 30ml (P3,098.00), 50ml (P4,298), and 100ml (P6,098.00)
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Other Locations: Available in all Rustan's malls


The little black dress has already transcended its formal function and use: You can either dress up or dress down with it, wear it with heels or boots, pair it with a well tailored blazer or camo- printed jacket, or accentuate it with pearls or neon accessories. In short, you can wear your LBD whenever and however you want it. And when it comes to finding the fragrance that will go with your LBD, you can definitely experiment by veering away from opulent perfumes and choosing something light and refreshing like La Petite Robe Noire for an interesting touch of contrast to your overall ensemble.


La Petite Robe Noire is a chic, vibrant, and youthful sweet fruity floral. At first whiff, I am immediately reminded of bonbons and fresh fruits, but it's not the type that smells cheap and generic. Actually, it's the only fruity-floral that smells elegant in my opinion! 

It claims that it is only made up of two notes: First one is the top note, which is a tart composition of black cherry, rose, and bergamot. Lastly, it has the base note, which is a warm amalgam of black tea and tonka bean. The perfume stays light all throughout, but with a dash of warmth. Staying power is very good for an EDT. It is uncomplicated, easy to wear, can go from day to night, and it's something that would definitely please everyone, especially the younger audience, although conservatives would deem this as "too mainstream for Guerlain." and "not apt to be worn with LBDs". As for me, I love it and that just goes to show that those conservatives are not its target market. :D

FAST FACT: La Petite Robe Noire's flacon reminisces the bottle of two of Guerlain's iconic fragrances, Mitsuoko (1919) and L'Heure Bleue (1912). Quite obviously, the shape is resonant of the perfume house of Guerlain.

Initially, just like the conservatives, I had observed a disconnect between the overall appeal of the fragrance and the nature of the little black dress but the longer I use it, the more it grows on me (and my little black dresses) and the more I understand its main message: Guerlain wants women to break away from tradition and make a statement with the LBD.


How about you? How will you wear your little black dress today?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the packaging. It is girly and cute. :) Your rating would really help those who are interested with this perfume. It's kinda pricey for me though. If only perfumes are more affordable, araw-araw iba-ibang perfume gamit ko. :D

  2. I like the packaging. It is girly and cute. :) Your rating would really help those who are interested with this perfume. It's kinda pricey for me though. If only perfumes are more affordable, araw-araw iba-ibang perfume gamit ko. :D

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  4. I love how the packaging comes, though pricey but women definitely like the scent of this fragrance.:)

  5. Wow naintrigue naman ako, i will definitely check this out, im looking for a perfume na hindi fruity, medyo floral scent pero gusto ko yun amoy susyal hahaha i dont like yung supewoody or musky na scent kasi ang tapang sa simula, ill definitely check this out my go to perfumè is dkny bedelicious yun pink kaya lang i feel it's high time for a change na! Thank you and as usual very informative post

  6. Hi Desiree, i think you've mistaken Martha as Liz :D I also like floral scents it makes me feel lady-like and feminine however, like my always dilemma with fragrances some are quite expensive to begin with i hope they release a 5ml size if it's possible so we can try it out before we buy a full bottle.

  7. @yanny, lol muntik na din mangyari saken yan, im following thebeautyjunkee and projectvanity din kasi ehehe

  8. @Yanny: Oh emm my bad! Thanks for pointing it out, sis. I've a new reader of ms. Liz's blog rin ksi eh :) Apologies for the typo error Ms. Martha! :(

  9. I love to use scents which are more of a fruity-floral and youthful feel. I haven't tried perfumes that smells floral-ish yet elegant. I think I found it with Guierlain LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE EDT! When I saw this, it was like love at first sight. The packaging looks so pretty too with that little black dress. How I wish I can own one but it's too expensive for people who have tight budget like me. Thanks for this review, Ms. M! I hope I can have a try of this one, kahit yung 30ml lang :))

    (reposted my comment because of the typo. Paging Yanny, thanks for pointing it out, sis! :))

  10. oh, i hope I can afford expensive scents like this! :)

  11. i like the packaging. too bad Im loyal to CK's euphoria blossom. Never switched since! hehe


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