Review: Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Bleu

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Bleu

Price: Around P900.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Laura Mercier Glorietta 2, Makati City; Essences Powerplant Mall; Rustan's Shangri-La Mall


I'm not adventurous with mascara colors but for a change, I think I'll try sporting colored mascara this 2013. Laura Mercier's Long Lash Mascara in Bleu would be a great start.


Here's the wand: It has even spacing, which makes it good for lengthening. The bristles are somewhat packed, and I've noticed that it makes my lashes a little fuller too. The consistency of the mascara is whipped and smooth, clings onto my lashes easily, and dries up quickly. Formula is waterproof. However, it has a tendency to clump for a wee bit so my technique is, I apply it starting at the base and I move the wand slowly towards the tips of my lashes--it gets rid of bigger and nastier clumps.

Bleu is described by Laura Mercier as a vintage kind of blue, but methinks it's a muted shade of Cobalt Blue. FYI, Blue looks good on warm skin tones, specifically Cobalt Blue. (Also Turquoise, Aqua, and Royal Blue) Being a painter herself, Laura Mercier is really talented when it comes to coming up with colors that don't only look good to the eyes, but also when applied on the skin. I've also noticed that her makeups are true-to-color, meaning what you see on the pan is what you'll get on your skin.

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Bare Lashes

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat

I stop on the third coat because I just want the blue color to accentuate my eyes. If I go overboard, the overall look becomes weird. :p

Bleu gives my eyes a faint blue glow, and brightens up my complexion. Unlike cheap blue mascaras, this one doesn't wash me out, and doesn't look too fake and over-the-top.

Regarding staying power, it stays put all day yet it comes off easily with makeup remover.

Most of the time, I use it along with a blue or blue-violet eyeliner to complete the look.

Colored mascara is a great alternative to eyeshadows, and it's a quick way to add a touch of color to your eyes. However, I don't think this color is really necessary--it's just nice to have. But if you want a nice lengthening mascara, I would recommend this product because it does make lashes appear a wee bit longer.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gusto ko yung pagka-blue compared sa Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus in Blue also. Mas intense yung color nito; very obvious when worn.

  2. owowo thats nice. tama ka d siya ott. i l buy this s payday. ouls you know if they have this in green or purple? i dnt know how to apply eyeshadow pero im a mascara girl. this will b a nice and fast way for ke to do my eyes. also just a tip to lengthen your lashes, apply lumigan on a nightly basis and one month lang kita n ang results. its like the over the counter version of latisse

  3. Cool! I love the look. It is super nice when you used it with blue-violet eyeliner. :)

  4. I love the effect on your eyes :)

  5. hmmm i must say this idea is really a great alternative for people who loves eyeshadows but just don't know how to apply, mix and match the colors short...people like me ;-) thanks for the tip ms.martha! btw the color looks good on you..hope itll too on me :-)

  6. still not sure about blue mascara but I think it's very wearable.

  7. ang cute po nung blue..ngyn ko lng po nbasa..hope sa kakabasa ko po sa blog niyo matuto na ko mag ayos sa sarili ko :) hehehe

  8. i remember my first year collegem days! im into blue and brown mascara! haha I always get a stare on other people..
    i have same problem with the clumps~ bakit kaya ganun un sa blue..
    you look like 20 in here!

  9. ang ganda sayo!is it okay with morena skin?diba oakward tignan?

  10. Ohms: Please read the review dear. :) I said yes, it's good with morena skin tone and I have morena skin tone. :)

    Jenny: Thank you for the compliment!Well, I guess it depends on the brand of blue mascara you use. :) In my experience, the pricier ones perform better than cheap ones. :)

    Felyn: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I'd have to agree with what you said but if it's just for fun, why not?

    Trizh: Thank you! :)

    Cyndicato: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Great! Just let me know if you have any beauty questions. :D I'll be happy to help you out. :)

    Marsiedmartian: Hi! Thank you for the nice compliment. :)

    Kate: Thank you! :D

    Yanny: I think I had that one before. If I remember it correctly, that was more of a bluish-blackish color, and it would always clump on my eyes. :(

    Eloise: Hi and thanks for the tip! Will check that out when I go to a drugstore/department store.They had it in purple, but that was a limited edition color. This one, if i'm not mistaken, is a permanent color. :)

  11. The color pay-off is great, so intense. A lil bit pricey for me but its worth it. I haven't tried such colorful mascaras because of the looks people would give me! hhaha I grown up just by using black mascaras :) I think I'll get one, maybe the cheap ones muna for sinulog ^^ Btw, I noticed MS. M that we have the same kind of eyes, looks monolid when we open it wide :))

  12. Your eyes are glowing with this blue mascara. I have to agree that it really brightens your complexion. I wanna try this and will be in my "To Buy List". Sana bagay din saken this mascara :)

  13. Its wearable pla :) I can sport this kasi hindi pa ko bihasa with eyeshadows. This gives your eyes that glow or color, ganda

    Beauty Colada


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