FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Makeup Products That I Always Use

HAPPY FRIDAY! How did Valentine's day go for everybody? Care to share? I hope you all had a great and romantic time! My BF and I had an awesome dinner at 7 Corners and I'll talk about that in my Sumptuous Sundays post. For now, let's check out our Fan Mail Fridays query for today, and it is from Cha Cha. She asks:

Hi The Beauty Junkee!
What a lovely blog you have! It's so informative! I just have one curious question and I hope you'll find time to answer: What are the top 5 makeup products that you always use? Hoping for a reply! Thank you so so much!
Love, kisses, and ice cream,
Cha Cha
Hi Cha Cha!

Great question! I won't beat around the bush and will just go straight to my answer! :)


- I'm very, very happy with this product, and I've never switched brands ever since I started using it. Well, if I would, that's because I want to touch my other brow stuff! LOL! What I love so much about Benefit Brow Zings is it's so easy to use, and its shade does not give me a strong or snooty look even if I over apply it. It takes forever to use too!

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- Apart from its beautiful, non- drying finish and superb staying power, Funny Face is a very unique color and it can go from formal to casual, and day to night as well. It's perhaps my most favorite fuchsia shade. 


- One of my "Love at First Use" products. The first time I used it, I immediately fell in love with its finish, longevity, and fantabulous concealing and smoothening effect, hence it's my go- to foundation for special events. There's no better way to explain how much I am into this foundation than saying I love it! (This reminds me, I have to refrain from using it every single day!)


- My hair has always been golden brown for the last 2 years, and I've found a best friend in this product. It unifies the tone of my brows with my hair without the harsh dyes. Also, BR 555 is the only shade that has matched my hair color--I can't leave home without using this product!


- I like contouring on a daily basis since I have a round face and Benefit Hoola, in my opinion, is the PERFECT natural- looking contouring powder. It discreetly adds depth to my face, and it stays intact the whole day too!

There you go! How about you guys? What are your top 5? Share them in the comments section below! :)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love this post. i also owned a majolica majorca colorist. same with Ms.Martha I also have brown color hair. and honestly this blog helps me lot. so i decided to make a blog too. thank you Ms. Martha you inspire so many beauty blogger like me.

  2. yay.i really want to try that brow zings.but i want to empty first my in 2 it.and my fave eyebrow gel is from jazzy :) i skip the powder if im in a hurry.and the staying power is great. if my gel is empty i will try mm :)

  3. I have been eyeing on Hoola and Brow Zings for a while now. Because you find them truly useful, I will purchase them next pay-day. :)

  4. now I know whats your secrets, i love the brow zing and your lipstick.:)


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