Love, M: Personalized Fragrances for The Beauty Junkee by Zen Zest Asia

Remember Zen Zest's Diva Off Challenge, wherein I won the grand prize? Here's the second part of my prize and it just came in the mail last week--50 bottles of personalized fragrances made for me by Zen Zest. (Experiencing that #LikeADonya feeling right about now) I was anxiously anticipating this loot because this is the first time that a well- known brand is going to customize scents for me. And it's worth the wait!

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During the initial planning stage of these fragrances, Michelle Fontelera had thoroughly asked me about the particular scents I prefer, plus the tone of the labels and packaging. I don't know anything about perfume customization so I just gave her an idea of the scents I like, and asked her to pattern the labels after French- inspired interiors. I didn't meddle too much with the production, particularly the actual perfume- making, because I know it's Michelle's expertise so I left everything in her hands. I'm happy to know she has delivered!

Why is it called Love, M? Because I had intended to give away these fragrances to the people I've worked with and of course, people I love. It doesn't have too much words on it because I want the fragrance to speak for itself, (and it did!) and it's a great way to save Mother Earth as well by minimizing the use of gift cards! :)

How's the scent, you ask? Love, M White Moss and Mimosa (beige and blue) is a unisex type of fragrance, and it's inspired by the fresh, clean scent of Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco, while Love, M Orange Honeysuckle and Mask (black and pink) is inspired by the sheer simplicity and purity of Jo Malone's fragrances. I am totally loving this duo that I was even tempted to keep everything to myself. LOL! I'm even thinking of retailing this as my own perfume line hahaha! :D


When you want to feel Like A Donya, personalizing stuff is the way to go. I think it is also a great, great gift item, and a usable giveaway in special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the likes.

This April, one lucky commenter will take home these two The Beauty Junkee exclusive fragrances made by Zen Zest. Until then, and have an awesome Monday, everyone! :)

To inquire about the brand's perfume customization services, please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Congratulations! You did well with the labels, you are too considerate to give your consumers the chance to write their very own messages on the labels!

  2. wooow, may sariling perfume.sobrang sosyal parang sa mga sikat na artista

  3. This is so awesome, Martha! Donyang donya talaga ang arrive! ;)

  4. wow very smart idea ha, na i guess you can write your message don sa label ng perfume, were these your prizess for the videoke? you really are blessed kasi di ba burts bees also had a lip balm customize d for y id love to find out how zen zest iinterpreted the jo malone scent, that fragrance really sounds elite

  5. OH WOW! You have your own line of pperfume! :) I didn't know Zen Zest can personalize perfumes. I would love to try out your signature scents Ms.Martha! I think it will feel like I am with you when I am wearing it!

  6. I was at the Diva Off, though I didn't get to meet you! Congratulations on the scents; they sound (? Haha) divine :)

  7. wow!interesting in your plan-retailing perfume,another timeline Ms. M!

  8. Wow! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You're definitely an inspiration to young & fresh beauty bloggers. I would love to try out your own line. The labels are very classy and the name can be sound very 'mysterious' as well.

    I'm very proud of you and I'd love to meet you someday :)

  9. Yey! You're so lucky Ms. M. I hope to win those bottles of your personalized perfume. I hope I can have my own perfume name too ^_^ It's really unique to giveaway these kind of item. Anything personalized is simply the best :)

  10. Like a donya at its best! :D Congrats for winning and creating your own fragrance line. I love the packaging since it looks so classy, and I bet it smells great too!

  11. parang ang sosyal pag may sarili ka ng line! and you deserve naman talaga e. you should definitely retail that :) congrats martha!

  12. Naks, grabe you deserve it not because you win the grand prize pero you're also the one na sobrang daming alam about perfumes :) Matutuwa yung magiging commenter of the month kasi I'm sure the perfume smells great :)

  13. Wow! sana matry ko siya sobrang adik din ako sa perfume!

  14. Raisie: Thank you and welcome to tbj! :D

    Ruru: Hopefully, Zen Zest provides me another batch and I'll do a major giveaway. :D

    Kath: Yup! I'm pretty sure the COM will enjoy these. :)

    Helen: Thank you! :D Donya talaga peg ko for 2013. :D

    Gen-Zel: Thanks! :D

    Yette: Awww...Sweet! I'd love to meet you soon too. :D Ack, hope I can sell these, but these are the only stocks I have! :p

    Ohms: thanks! :D

    Czjai and Arya: Hiihi. Thanks girls! :D

    Iza: Thanks! :D Oh, now I want to give you one, but I've given them away na to my friends and clients. :( Next time then! :D

    Carina: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Wow! You were? Would've loved to meet you, but I was in singing mode that time, hence I didn't let go of the microphone haha! See you soon then. :)

    Eloise: Yup! Burt's bees also had personalized a lip balm for me. Jo Malone is one of my favorite perfume lines. Pricey yet very sophisticated and unique that's why I don't mind shelling out money for that! :D


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