Coffee Conversations: Pay It Forward

I just saw this movie entitled 'Pay it Forward' and it is so amazing! The movie propagates the movement called Paying it Forward: If one person helps three people per day, the three other people will do the same, as well as those who were helped and the list goes on and on. It will spark a helping phenomenon and eventually, it will change the world. This is such a compelling movie and it will truly bring your consciousness to a whole new level so please, watch it. :)

A lot of people want to help and are into the habit of helping others and that's good! However, the reality is, most people would only help when it is convenient and when it doesn't require them to go out of their way and leave their comfort zone. 

You don't have to be a billionaire nor have a single centavo in your pocket to help. You could give way to a person who's in a hurry, give an authentic smile to your building's resident security guard to brighten up his/her day, or tap a co- worker's shoulder and say "You can do it!" Clearly, those helpful deeds aren't so big and didn't require a single penny to do, right? You see, the opportunity to help is always there, but only if you choose to see it. So go ahead and pay it forward. The person you have helped may not be able to return the favor quickly but always believe, God counts all your good deeds. :)

Have a blessed week ahead. :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. uhmmmm pag sunday ba different ang tone ng posts mo? pay it forward that stars haiely joel osment right? he looks weird now mukha pa din siyang bata kahit binata na

  2. sometimes i think twice before lending a hand.maybe i should change that. God never think twice when he give his son to us.
    ill definitely watch this :)

  3. I loved the movie "Pay It Forward" as a kid.. Made me feel nostalgic Ms. M.;)

  4. Helping is good, but nowadays, it was abused by some young people so few have doubt in this case.

  5. Naalala ko na naman nangyari the previous week, there was a mom and her two kids who rode a jeep I was riding. Their appearance made it obvious that they're poor. The driver asked if they had money to pay. Naawa lang ako and I wanted to pay for their fare but I didn't because I was shy to ask kung saan sila bababa. Plus I had no change na and the driver might get pissed at me for handing him a 100 peso bill to pay for two persons. I should've gone ahead and paid for them. I really felt bad that I wasn't able to lend them a hand. Wala lang, I was reminded by your post lang kasi. :P

  6. Thats true ang pagiging generous ay walang pinipiling oras at katayuan sa buhay!

  7. Eloise: Not really. It just depends on whatever I feel like writing on a certain day :D

    Ruru: agree!

    Janine: Hey, don't feel bad. There is always another time to help. And when that chance comes your way, grab it! :D

    Sarina: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I love it too! :D I think I wanna watch it again. :) hope you're enjoying your stay at TBJ! :D

    Jenny: exactly. :)


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