Review: BYS Graffii Nail Enamel

Here's a review on BYS Graffiti Nail Enamel

Price: Around P300.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in BYS Counters in SM malls


It's not at all hard to imagine why BYS became renowned for their nail polishes: They've got over 400 colors to choose from, and they have quite innovative nail polish sets such as this one: Graffiti Nail Enamel. Basically, it's a no- brainer way to spot fancy, drawn- on nails.

You get the following in one set: The Graffiti Activator and a special nail enamel.


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The shade I have is called Violet Vandal, a steel purple shade with silver frosting.

All the nail enamels of the Graffiti set only come in a frosted finish. I'm not a big fan of anything frosted, but I think it's the best formula to use with the Graffiti Activator.

Here's how you use the products:

STEP 1: Paint your nails evenly with the nail polish. Let it dry thoroughly, but don't apply top coat yet.

STEP 2: When your nails are completely dry, grab the Graffiti Activator and start drawing on your nails. Design is up to you.

STEP 3: Allow the Graffiti Activator to settle on your nails--this takes about a minute. When it's beginning to settle, you'll notice that the part where you've applied it will begin to darken. Cool huh? However, the activator goes on clear and you won't really know if your drawing is decent unless it settles on your nails. Best thing to do is to draw your art by segments, allowing per segment to dry up before proceeding. You also have to layer the activator on to intensify the drawings/markings. By the way, those streaks on my nails are Zebra stripes--they don't look like it in the photo, but in actual, they are. Don't judge--it was my first time to use the product hahaha! :D

STEP 4: When the activator is completely dry, you can finally seal your polish with a top coat.

Both polishes have a quick dry formulation-they dry up at around 3-4 minutes to be exact-but they're not quite chip- resistant. After two days, I already saw some chipping on the edges. What I like about it is it lets me whip up a fancy nail art without exerting too much effort. I think it's a very cool find, and it's a must- try for those who love nail polishes.


For more information about the Graffiti Nail Enamel range, please visit BYS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. now that's a cool product! if they have this in the U.S., I think I'd be a sucker for it.

  2. 400 colors? I can't even think of 50 ;)
    the design looks cool

  3. Revlon has that too e forgot what its called

  4. Joy: Hi and welcome to TBJ! I think BYS is available in the US, although I'm not sure. Best to check! :D

    Eloise: Yeah, I know that. The dual- ended pen polish and glitters. :D

    Arya: Same! :D


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