FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Let's talk about Health Supplements!

No amount of makeup or skin care can alleviate or cover up a bad kind of health, right? Time and again, I'd say that what's happening on the inside will always show up on the outside so that means your health should be your utmost priority and I'll never get tired of saying it because a lot of people don't seem to do it at all. For today's Fan Mail Fridays, we're going to talk about  health supplements or shall I say "skin care products for the within." :) Thanks to Julia who sent in this lovely question:

Hi there Martha!

I just wanna say I'm a fan of your blog, a silent lurker as I hardly comment though I check it everyday for new articles (see how loyal I am?)

Anyway, my question is, have you ever tried using skin supplements/supplements and if you did (or are still using), can you post reviews about them? I know most products advise they have no therapeutic claims. But if you can come up with a personal feedback on products that you have already used or are still using, I would appreciate it. It's so hard to find reviews on supplements online.

Personally, I am taking gluta tabs (drugstore-bought, BFAD approved) and evening primrose oil (from Healthy Options, to keep my hormonal acne at bay).

Thanks a lot! Stay radiant!


Hi Julia!

Thank you for being a loyal reader! As for your question, yes, I'm taking up a couple of supplements, but a majority of it is concentrated on my overall health.

The only skin supplement I take is Vitamin E to boost my skin care products. I prioritize health supplements more than skin supplements because I let my topical skin care products do my skin's beautification for me. Besides, in the end, your external beauty will still depend on your internal health.


Most supplements bear this phrase. What does this mean? It means that a specific supplement is not meant to cure a disease/condition, unlike drugs or medicines. Supplements are just considered as maintenance products, although you can't really rely on them to block any kind of sickness from affecting your body.

Regarding skin supplement reviews, I doubt you can find anything online or in books, except studies, because I truly believe that you can't quantify the actual and scientific effects of a certain supplement. (That's why they say NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS) If you're gonna ask me, all I can say is that supplements make me feel good because I know that I'm practicing a good habit, and I'm taking up stuff that will keep my health in the pink. In the end, skin/health supplement reviews are only good for the user and can only be measured by the Placebo Effect. Instead of reviews, I'll just tell you some of my supplement recommendations. Click READ MORE and let's get healthy! :D


Multivitamins, in short. Because studies have shown that an average person does not take in all his/her recommended vitamins and minerals intake every single day, and this is where multivitamins come in. It's just like a type of super food. :)


I've been sleeping late-as in late like 4am. I have skipped my period last month, and I was having spurts of dizziness. I remember my friend telling me that iron deficiency can cause late or skipped menstrual cycles and dizziness, so I grabbed this Iron Complex supplements from Healthy Options yesterday. But I won't advise that you play doctor like me-I'm just crazy like that LOL! Best thing to do is consult with your doctor, know more about your health concern, and buy supplements for it. :)


Of course, I'm never without Vitamin C, my sole defender against illnesses. Did you know that there are only 2 main distributors of Vitamin C in the world? That's China and Switzerland. Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C is produced in China, and Ascorbate Vitamin C is produced in Switzerland. The former is the cheapest and it's sold mostly in drugstores, but Ascorbate C, the one from Switzerland, is much more expensive but milder. Ascorbate C is much better because it is more alkaline and does not induce acid production in the stomach, making it great for people who suffer from heartburns and gastroenteritis. I have switched to Ascorbate C, and my brand is Fern C because it's the only Ascorbate C brand I know. Also, Ascorbate C stays longer in the body as compared to Ascorbic Acid C. :)


There are certain minerals that need another vitamin/mineral to boost their absorption and efficacy in the body. Take for example, Calcium and Vitamin D: Vitamin D sorta' directs Calcium to where it is needed the most: Our bones. I also take Vitamin D because I'm not getting enough sunlight, and this vitamin is one of the most important vitamins of all. If you like staying indoors, then you better start taking Vitamin D. Another example is Iron and Vitamin C: Iron needs a little push from Vitamin C so your body can absorb the former properly.

Going back to getting to know your supplements, did you know that most affordable Calcium supplements are sourced from ground Calcium, the mineral, and not from milk? Because ground Calcium is much cheaper than Milk Calcium, but the latter is what our body recognizes the most. I take Milkca because it's purely made from Milk Calcium. My boyfriend sells them so I get my supplies from him, as well as my Vitamin D supplements--he's an authorized dealer of iFern, a supplements company. If you're interested, you may email him at :)

Buy supplements from authorized dealers, drugstores, and stores. 

And don't ever take a supplement just because it's IN, and don't take in too much at once to prevent Vitamin Overdose! In short, take only what you need!

That's all! Hope you all learned something cool today. And I hope I have answered your question, Julia! :D

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  1. whoah so many supplements but I think I needed that MilkCa. I've stop taking multivitamins because fat and so hyper even without eating. Right now I'm only taking vitamin c and iron and the doctor never complained about it nor add other supplements and just wanted me to eat more green leafy vegetable and red meat

  2. very informative ms.martha! same here ill have to get milkca too and vitamin d :-D was thinking of getting caltrate but i have no idea of its ingredients...i get cold sores with fern c i dunno why...anyways will email your bf ms martha about that milkca...hope he ship items cause i live here in the mountains haha thanks!

  3. currently I have vitamin C and E, but with the information above, it helps me in some areas. truly that Healthy Options have their best supplements.

  4. Arya: That's great! Thanks for sharing :D

    Ohms: Yup, and the best healthy snacks too! :D

    MarsiedMartian: Hello there! Yup, just shoot my BF an email. Let me know when you have emailed him already so I can inform him. :)

  5. Hello Ms.Martha! Do you happen to remember how much is the vit e capsule in healthy options? I would like to give it a shot.

  6. is that (MilkCa) BFAD approved? tnx

  7. ate when i take vit c, i gain a LOT of weight so i have stopped drinking vit c. did u experience d same?


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