Review: Chic Cosmetics 5- Piece Kabuki Brush Set

Here's a review on Chic Cosmetics 5- Piece Kabuki Brush Set

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Kabuki brushes are quite useful when it comes to achieving a more flawless and even base that's why they're one of my favorite brushes for liquid and powder makeup. However, Kabuki brushes are often sold individually and are quite pricey. So I'm very happy to inform you guys that finally, Chic Cosmetics, a local online beauty shop is offering a Kabuki Brush set-and the best part? It is so affordable!


These babies are made from synthetic bristles, and they definitely remind me of Sigma's brushes: From the look, feel, design, and even the denseness and quality of the bristles. I have Sigma's F80, a Flat top Kabuki brush and if compared with Chic Cosmetics' version, there's almost no difference at all so I dub thee, an excellent dupe of Sigma Brushes!

You'll get the following brushes in this set: Flat Top Kabuki, Angled Kabuki, Flat Angled Kabuki, Round Kabuki, and Tapered Kabuki.

If you've noticed, the brushes have thinner bristles at the tip. That means they're meant to impart a more controlled coverage every time you apply makeup. The bristles are quite soft, fluffy, and gentle on the skin.

The handles of these brushes are quite chunky and huge, and people with small hands may have a problem gripping it properly. Also, the overall size of the brushes is large, ergo they're not travel- friendly. But they make great brushes for professional makeup artistry!

Click READ MORE and see this brush set in detail, and if you're looking for a fab basic kabuki brush set!


- An ideal brush to use with cream foundation, or if you simply want to sport full coverage makeup. Looks to me, in terms of denseness, it's also the same as Charm's Flat Top Kabuki brush.


- My most favorite brush in this set! I love using this on my contouring powders because it gives me a flawless, soft focus finish every time! Also, I like how it blurs sharp lines on my cheeks!


- My second most favorite brush in this set. My first encounter with this type of brush is during a photo shoot, wherein the makeup artist had used it to retouch the powder on my T- Zone area, and I was amazed at how it has provided a beautiful, even, and natural- looking full coverage finish on my skin in one go! Since then, I've been lemming for it and now, I have it! *Happy dancing

Going back, this brush is best used with powder products, specifically powder foundation, but it may not be the best match for loose powder. It's also best used to buff mineral powder foundation onto skin.


- A large, dense foundation brush that suits any type of liquid makeup, and it's best used if you want something that will drive makeup right into your fine lines and conceal them completely. This brush has a prominent tip (sorry, you can't see it now 'coz I have washed the brush) and even if you spread the brush across your face, you can still feel the tip touching your skin so that means this brush is also best used to apply makeup on deep creases and folds in the skin. The small caveat is, the brush doesn't go back to its original shape after washing. :p The more travel- friendly version of this brush is Charm Essentials Vegan Pointed Foundation Brush.


- Best used during contouring, most especially on the jaw line or if you want a sharper looking contour on your cheeks. This can be used with cream foundation as well, although I wish it were replaced with something else like a big Kabuki Powder brush as the Angled Kabuki and Flat Top Kabuki can basically do what it can do.

These brushes did not shed during the first wash, and no strand fell off when I have tugged on the bristles. They take time to dry though. Overall, I love this set and I recommend it because it's really worth the money! I recommend it to everyone who loves makeup, wants to own a basic kabuki set, and to makeup artists who are still starting with their business. :)

For more information about this brush set, please visit CHIC COSMETICS MANILA on Facebook

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow nice haul. Dana they can come up with retractable version too para mas portable. Ur right the density lalo n un flat top looks like charm's.

  2. I was actually thinking of getting this exact brush set, and this review actually helped make up my mind!

  3. it really did look like sigma.
    my hands are too small for this.
    i once bought a little smaller handle than this but i have a hard time. idk why :/
    the TAPERED KABUKI is my fave from the rest though :)

  4. this is a nice collection, I wanted the round and tapered brush.:)

  5. So this is the new brushes from Chic Cosmetics.. Its similar with the Charm's and Beauty Cosmetics. These brushes are agreeably Sigma brushes' dupes :) They are so dense and really intact. Happy to know that it does now shed or bleed. Would love to buy this set! Thanks for sharing Ms. M :)

  6. Nice post coz i don't have any idea how to used those kind of make up brushes... This was very helpful!

  7. Phya: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Wow! Glad to know this helped you out. Enjoy your brushes! :D

    Ruru: Welcome! :D

    Desire: Yep! :D You mentioned you're a makeup artist, right? I'm sure you'll find this set handy. :)

    Jenny: hmmm. maybe you should go for brushes with handles that have medium thickness. :)

    Eloise: Yup! And I hope this set comes with a brush roll too :)

  8. I was looking for good, affordable brushes until I stumbled upon your blog.
    I wasn't able to see this on their current website, but I would definitely try the flat top kabuki brush. Thank you!


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